Update 1.18.2023




A wonderful quote from Neil W.:

You are worthy

And here is one from my friend, Holger.  It made me laugh at a time I needed to laugh the most, you just can't beat the wisdom of Charlie Brown.

Hug Me


Last Wednesday, January 11, the update posted just above this one, I put my heart and soul into everything I shared with you.

I shared business things, I shared personal things. And on a level I have never ever done before.  I guess I am just a bit stoic in that regard but for some reason felt a need to show you the other side of Mike G.

Almost immediately I began receiving wonderful supportive emails. Emails of support, emails of hope, emails of love.

Frankly I was overwhelmed with emotions I have not felt in a long time.

And yes, I received a handful of hate mail from people too ignorant to know I meant it when I said not only will I not reply to emails of demand and hate I will not read them, just delete them.

Every other email sent received a reply from me, every one of them.

Please allow me to share a few of those emails with you, below...

This first one from Dr. Trina: 
Good afternoon Mike,
I am writing to encourage you and praying God keeps you strong.  Just know that there are those of us who are standing by you and with you.  So much so, that a group of us have spent the last 5 days in prayer every night at 7 PM.  We will be praying for you for 7 days straight!  Praying your strength and do forgive those who have wronged you.  That is the mark of a person of great strength and character.

Stay strong!  We have your back.  Thank you also for looking out for us as well with this deal.  Much gratitude.

To God be all the glory because He can do the impossible!

all the best,
Dr. Trina

And here is one from my friend Will from Down Under. It's on my bucket list so I should probably get to it pretty soon, that is to fish the great barrier reef. When I get there I will invite Will along with me and see if we can't catch a 'grander', a 1000+ pound Marlin.
Hi Mike

I know you know as I’ve shared it before but after your update today, it’s worth saying again - I see the goodness in your heart and know you are a man of integrity.

Life has dealt you out some severe cards this last year but you continue to show up in kindness towards life.

I deliberately didn’t ask about ‘how you are’ today, because it didn’t seem appropriate for our time.  But I often wonder how you are so know that I’m sending you positive vibes. I can only imagine this must be some deep karma and soul healing you are gong through.

We ARE a collective - you created this community - and together we support each other. It Kind of feels what life is about and humans should be with each other - looking out for and after our tribe.

Take good care of yourself Mike.

🙏 will - your friend & associate down under

And this one from Rudy, in my heritage country of Ireland, who 'gets it.'
Hi Mike,

Many thanks for taking the time to respond and also for sending out the latest update. I am 100% sure that this has been the steepest Hill you ever climbed and that the attacks on your intentions and character has been beyond vicious and utterly hurting absolutely everything you ever stood for.

I can only support you from a distance and wish that could be different. Man o man,you've been through the ringer. I sincerely hope and trust that this test too will pass and that truth will prevail. Sad thing is everyone choose what they want to believe and most people have no problem slandering regardless.

Please keep on keeping on and let's hope and pray that the legal proceedings will wrap up sooner than later and that your good name will stand this test and come out much stronger than it has ever been. This must have been horrific and then having had challenges with your health on top of it doesn't make the journey any easier. Good luck and God's best on the 2 remaining surgeries.

If I can help in any way please don't ever hesitate to ask, my number in Ireland is still the same. If you ever need a shoulder or anything else I could help with the phone is always on. Hope to one day meet you in person and give you a big African Gorilla hug.

Godspeed in the legal proceedings and I truly hope and trust that the deal still have buyers after all this unnecessary carry-on.

You have taken the rap for what someone else has done at this time in many peoples opinions and I pray that they will learn the truth in time to come.

Keep the best side up. This too... Will pass. God's best for 2023 and hope we will all still be able to make a massive difference in other people's lives.


Brian emailed me this short message using only a few words he somehow struck that nerve...
Thank you for such an involved and great update yesterday. I am feeling much more positive about all things concerned with the deal and all ventures from you. You are clearly the best that I have ever had the good fortune to be associated with.

Thank you again. I can't wait to see the actual Trilogy #1 when it becomes available .

Take care and be well and know many of us are in your corner thanking you and supporting you all the way.

This one from Betsy, a bit longer. I know some day she will without question have an impact on people in ways she or I cannot even begin to understand in this moment.
Morning Mike G,

You are a complete stranger but for some reason you don’t feel like one. Weird?  I don’t know. We weren’t rich by any means but we were comfortable. I thought our lives were “ordinary” but the older I got I realized more and more every day how blessed we were.  Even feeling safe in your OWN HOME that every child should be able to feel., did not exist for some. Things that we took for granted I came to learn so many didn’t have - like at least yearly trips to different states on vacation; a two month trip to Europe for my sister and me for summer vacation while we were in college and access to the best education that were within our capabilities.

 It was never an IF you were going to college, that was  a given. The only question was what you would study. Neither one of us were ever told no, that college is too expensive. Or you’ve had your four years the rest is on you. I look back and see how my parents had a goal for all of us and were so disciplined to make it happen.  And they made it look easy although I’m sure it wasn’t.  Unfortunately we don’t have that too much today. It’s instant gratification.

That along with the skyrocketing tuition. (Columbia was around $8,000 yearly!!) is another reason college is out of reach for many. Of course back in the dark ages salaries weren’t what they are today but college tuition surely outpaced salaries.

The Catholic School we attended was $1 monthly per child in elementary school and $5 for high school. 😃. But it was the BEST school on the island.  We received an excellent education, sometimes much to our chagrin!😩. There was not a better motivator to do well than having your grades called out in front of the entire high school at an assembly.  

But that’s all partly to say I’m beyond ecstatic that you plan to give scholarships in every state. As you rightly said, scholarships go to academics but we’ll never have no need for plumbers, auto mechanics, etc.  Gone are the days when you could fix your vehicle with a wrench and a screwdriver.

When I was a teacher I tried to impress upon my students that there was nothing wrong with working with your hands. It’s honorable and you can make excellent money.  Sometimes more money than the guy you see with a tie and briefcase  I gave them the example of very good friends (of course without names  the island is small) whose father was a plumber and their mother was a teacher (so you know what a huge salary she was making)!  They also put three children through college without borrowing a dime. One is a dentist, one a lawyer and the other a college professor.

So MikeG I raise my glass to you for your totally unselfish act. Because of you and your foresight this world will be a better place.  It is almost bordering on criminality to me to see what college kids go through today with the loan program. When you’ve finished college and get a job you should be able to be independent, even with repaying a loan but so many students aren’t.

I am going to follow in your footsteps, albeit on a teeny tiny scale compared to you. I want the students on my islands to have a better chance than they otherwise may have had.

So I raise my glass to you again, sir, for your foresight and selflessness.

God bless. Have a great day and please try to ignore the ignoramuses out there, and take deep breaths. There are MANY out there in your corner and you can always count me as one.

OK. That’s it for me, stranger.


This one from Dr. Gary, he and I have been acquainted for a considerable period of time.
Hi Mike,
Your reputation is wonderful beyond any question.
I agree the naysayers do not deserve any response, involving your time.
You know what to do to maintain your health and relaxation.
You are a living legend now and for many years to come.
I can not wait for you to see and enjoy all your great plans for mankind scale beyond belief.
Just when the world needs your inspiration the most.
You are so loved by your inner circle of believers now and will be admired for decades and decades.
Be strong my good friend, Dr. Gary

And this one from Shelia, with my reply to her below it.  
Mike G, You are an Amazing Man .And Me and my friends Truly love you. You didn't have to do this for us. Prayers goes up every day for you and anyone else that they are accusing of any wrong doing.
God got y'all Back and so do we.
My reply...
I am blessed with support like yours and so many others.  I am weeping. Just can't help it.  Must be an age thing, hunh?
Mike G.

And she was right

I don't think I've ever shared this with you. However I do think you know for the first six months and two weeks before I ever breathed a word of what has become known as the 'Mike G Deal'   I supported Neil with my own funds - a considerable sum by the way - over those six months.  I had never told anyone about it or had I invited anyone during those months.  I always believe in having "skin in the game."

And when I did invite others, people on my customer / email list, I did so with one intention...

Of course my desire and my goal was to share with average men and women all over the world a windfall that would not only change their lives forever but the lives of everyone they touched and would be able to touch.

As you know through my updates I always talked about the importance of philanthropy.  I even asked loan partners at different times to send me their philanthropy goals so I could share them with everyone.

What most people don't realize yet understand is through more than twenty years at that time of being active and influential on the internet I had built up, and not to boast, a significant database from all walks of life including the average man and woman, doctors, lawyers, judges, professionals from all walks of life, and very well to do entrepreneurs and business people.

Before I made the decision to offer the MikeGDeal to "so many" I considered offering it only to a handful of the most well-to-do in my database.

I could easily have gone this sole route. I could easily have supported Neil and his companies with just a handful. So at this time the decision was structure the payback to accommodate a great number of people. Instead of structuring the deal for a handful of the rich, thus creating a private equity group just for this deal. I could have done that.  Instead I knew in my heart and every fiber of my being such enormous rewards as what were promised to me could be spread wider and further through a network of average men and women than would ever be shared to the same degree by just a few of the rich.

Don't get me wrong, I'm saying those selected wealthy people whom I had business relationships with, would of course actively practiced philanthropy. Absolutely!  But the point here is six people would have maybe half a dozen or more special projects important to them to donate to. On the other hand, reaching thousands would cause the philanthropy and I know you will recognize this word, go "viral."

I just thought you should understand what my motives were and what caused me to offer the 'MikeGDeal' project the way I did.


As you know or should know at
I speak at length about a new paradigm, but it's more than just an event that is shaping up in our world. It's about something that is happening on a scale that will no doubt in my opinion change the financial world on a global scale as much as any other invention mankind has ever devised.

Joining the Trilogy community is no charge, and it is through Trilogy membership where I will be announcing various specific and new things all in progress right now.

In other words the Trilogy community will know about these things first.

Assuming you understand some very basic principles of business.. Being among the first is a vital component of success, financial and otherwise.   The Trilogy community of members will be among the first.


I want to thank everyone for the wonderful emails even if I did not publish yours here. Every single one of those emails I received was read with care and appreciation, some times evoking emotions I haven't felt in some time.

This entire update was written and posted online by me personally.

Till next time.

With gratitude,
Mike G.

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