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Special Announcements

Due to my travel schedule and obviously the holiday season I will not publish an update next week, Wednesday December 21st, or the following week on the 28th.

That said, moving into the first of the year I hope we will see some movement off dead center and in a positive direction as I comment on briefly below.

Something I have been doing for years is joint venturing with other internet marketers. For those who might not be totally familiar with the concept it is where if one party has a list of members, customers, etc then the 2nd party, in this case me, I join the program of my joint venture partner and mail their offer to my various lists... They in turn join my program or programs and mail my offers via email to their database. We pay each other commissions.

Obviously each must like and approve the other person's program.

It has to make sense. If someone has a database of people interested in cosmetics then that list most likely would not also be interested in the genres I work in.

Bottom line, if you are interested in a JV with me please send me an email (mtg @ (without the spaces) and please use this subject line "J.V." and tell me about your list, the size of your list (how many people in your program) your program,etc. and I'll do the same for you if it looks like we have a good J.V. fit.

Famous Quotes

Let's begin today's update with this wonderful short story sent to me by Holgar, about a remarkable man named "Herb Brooks" and his now famous quote below this story...

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, ice hockey's Herb Brooks proved that anything is possible. As head coach of the 1980 U.S. Olympic men's team, Brooks guided a group of ragtag amateur players to an upset victory over the heavily favored Soviet powerhouse, in an event that's now immortally known as the "Miracle on Ice." Having experienced an unlikely Cinderella story himself, Brooks knew well that happiness and success are rarely achieved without encountering a sense of vulnerability along the way. It may seem safer to shy away from a seemingly impossible challenge, but it’s often better to take a risk than to always wonder "what if?"

"Risk something or forever sit with your dreams. "
-- Herb Brooks


I was taken aback by this wonderful email, pleasantly so, and I wanted to share it with you, that I received from Rick:

WOW! You have worked on and put together a lot of incredible
opportunities! And they are :
Opportunities that are Real
Opportunities that can make $
Opportunities that can make us “ lots” of $
Opportunities that can still make us very, very wealthy
Opportunities that are” affordable for any person’s budget
Opportunities that prove you have continued to Blaze a Trail for
everyone to still make a lot of $ as you had hoped for in the beginning!

Mike, I have been scammed , taken advantage of many times in my life. I’ve lost a lot of $! And I want to share the common characteristics of these scammers:

1. They usually always operate alone
2. They offer something super enticing and seek “immediate” $ right now
3. In that seeking $ right now, there is always pressure to get your $ sent in immediately or you will be too late to get in
4.  The scammer will make excuse after excuse of why this didn’t happen yet
5. Once the scammer sees they have been found out, you are no longer able to contact them. They cease to be communicated any more with you.

Mike, you  are “NONE” of those things!  You do care about people. You are a man of your word! You didn’t run! And you jumped back into it,in spite of all the haters, the back stabbers, and worked and worked to find new, innovative, affordable wealth building opportunities for all of us!!


For all the details:

My upline Nick sent this to me and if you are involved with me in the amazing ERC program here is a way to speed up the approval process for client's you submit to Jorns.

If your client will take the initiative and submit these items 1-5 to the company - not you - as soon as they apply rather than waiting for Jorns to get to the point where they ask for it, Nick has discovered this backdoor tweak speeds things up a great deal.

The following FIVE items are needed:

 1.  Client Questionnaire (attached)

Please answer all questions thoroughly. Answer Yes or No without leaving anything blank. Explain in full detail any questions with a Yes answer.

o    If you indicated on your Client Questionnaire that you offer Healthcare / Retirement Plan to your employees, please provide a report showing your cost per employee, per quarter, for 2020 & 2021.

o    If you indicated on your Client Questionnaire that you or other partners own multiple companies, please fill out the attached "Multiple Entity Ownership" Excel Template. *Please note that if an entity is owned by a business, we will need to know the ownership structure of that business as well.

2.  Quarterly 941 Tax Filings (Actual 941 Forms). If using PEO, please provide name and email.

o    2020 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 

o    2021 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4

3Detailed Payroll Reports in Excel or CSV format. Scanned images will not be accepted.

o    2020 Mar 13-31, Q2, Q3, and Q4 

o    2021 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4

  The wages on your Payroll Details Report must match the numbers filed on each corresponding 941 Tax Filing.

   Please use full detailed reports and include any of the following items that appear in your payroll reports: employees names, gross wages, tips, taxable SS wages, taxable Medicare wages, pre-tax 125 health expenses, employer paid health insurance, employer paid retirement, SUTA/SUI, sick wages, covid sick wages, family leave, bonuses).   

4.   PPP Loan Forgiveness Application(s) Showing Correct Covered Period.  

o   PPP 1 Loan Forgiveness Application

o   PPP 2 Loan Forgiveness Application

5.  Full Quarterly P&L Statements in Excel or CSV format. Scanned images will not be accepted.

o    2019 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 

o    2020 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 

o    2021 Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 

 To avoid any delays in the processing of your ERC, please send the requested documents in the digital formats listed above.

If you are not part of the ERC program please understand this is a government funded program and sooner or later the $1 trillion dollars congress set aside for it will be used up. Also, because of the fortune, I'm told it's now about $800k, Jorns the CPA firm has invested in the application software, I'm told they are averaging about 22% greater $ checks for the clients than other firms.

Also, there are now a lot of companies offering to do this which means this... in my opinion we have somewhere between 12-15 months to get our clients involved in this program. I fear following that and I hope it's a little longer, the marketplace will become saturated and/or the funds will have been used up.

Listen, this is NOT a hard program to do. It pays enormously!!! Just one of my loan partners wrote me last week and told me he now had signed up 50 businesses. We are talking retirement money fo this man. Anyways, it's up to you, these are the kinds of things I am on the hunt for obvious reasons for all my loan partners.

Something new, something different

This little inexpensive program, remember it's only $3.99 a month, and available internationally, It's popularity has taken even me surprise. Download and take a look at this brief powerpoint and come on it, the water's fine.

Announcing the Instant Recall App – A No Risk, Worldwide Opportunity

Instant Recall provides a huge monthly income potential and it provides useful reminders and memories to share with friends and family.

Here is a short 4 minute video with the details:

Just by sharing this incredible app with the built in referral system, you can create a professional level recurring monthly income.

Share the app with anyone that has a mobile phone.
More good things happen with Instant Recall. You are providing 5 meals a month to people in need through and you can deduct home based business expenses from your taxes.

Start referring in minutes. Download and register here:


If you have joined this private announcement group I call Trilogy, thank you. If you have not you may read about it and join at the above link.

I have yet to announce any one of the three monster programs but hope to, perhaps just before the end of the year, or right after the first of the New Year.

It's going to be a fabulous New Year for all of us!

Most and I mean nearly all people have no idea what is shaping up in the global currency market. I'm not talking about the World economy but the world's currencies.

Truly a new paradigm is here but only understood by the esoteric few.  Knowing about it can and will make people wealthy.

But as is always the case only the very top tier 1/10th of 1% who see it coming and get in at the beginning are substantially rewarded.

Just like the 1440 Gutenberg printing press changed our world for ever and those who know it's true power.

Just like Eli Whitney's 1793 cotton gin, again changing the world for ever...

And now, decentralized computerized digital currency trading is well, read more at and get smart about this stuff.

On a personal note

As you know it's been a long time since I have made any comments at all about our deal.

I simply have not been allowed to. I think you know how I despise trading in rumors and innuendo. However, I have heard whispers there seems to be some very positive activity taking place. And I am praying this legal matter can finally begin moving forward very soon and off dead-center where it has been stuck for the last several months.

Therefore, I want to wish you and all of my loan partners a very happy and prosperous New Year, and I'll be in touch with more when I can say and as I can say right after the first of the year.


With gratitude,
Mike G.

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