Update 12.07.2022




Let's start today with an email from Rev. Nick and he truly understands what I am dealing with and more importantly...  what I am trying to accomplish for everyone, yes, even the haters.

Here's the Reverend's email:
I am deeply appreciative of this incredible opportunity. I honestly do not struggle with the battle that some have portrayed trusting you, concerning our loan with you. You have demonstrated nothing but the reality of truth wrapped in faith and patience.

For one thing I have learned is, if you are not patient you soon become one. Impatience arises when we do not believe God or choose not to to believe his servants who are gifts to us. You have certainly exhibited that. It is a must to wait a period of time between "planting" and "harvasting."

Someone has said, "Patience is the battery that runs the clock of faith."  I am looking forward to helping finance the Kingdom of God!!!

Rev. Nick

And here's an email from Dr. M... Frankly, I had trouble reading it through teary eyes. Sorry to be so corny but the abuse I receive almost daily even including death threats is incredibly stressful and sometimes nearly unbearable.

However as you now know I have plans and will get through all of this, yes, even for those who do not understand I cannot discuss the deal, I cannot even offer an opinion about the deal, but I've talked about that enough. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel and this email from Dr. M. is helping me with this vision.

Mike, I do understand what you are going through.

Twice in my life, I have lost everything of materialistic value trying to honor a commitment that I had made with the idea that God would bless me for doing the right thing.

 I rebuilt my fortune three times although modestly this last time. God did bless me but not in the way I imagined. Although I lost money and things I kept the love of those I cared about. I also had the knowledge and wisdom to rebuild the finances. I, like you, and many others thought the Mjke G Deal was the answer to our prayers and maybe it will be in one way or another.

You and I are both nearing the end of our journey. The only baggage we are allowed to take with us to heaven are our life's work and our legacy. God sees the good that we did and the true motives behind our works. The money we made is only judged by what we did with it. Charity, love, service, sacrifice for others, empathy and self discipline are examples of the currency of heaven.

 A legacy of ill gotten gains,  will be considered a legacy of garbage. What we leave our family is how we lived and loved. They may not inherit wealth but they will inherit integrity and love. Your opportunity here will be a legacy far greater than money. Money obtained without effort generally only corrupts.  You can leave a legacy of character which these days is rare and of great value both to generations to come and in heaven.
Dr. M

Something new, something different

I thought I would share with you a very very inexpensive opportunity. It's only $3.99 a month, it's available internationally, and it pays on four levels. Not only that you can actually market this app once you download it on your phone to your contacts... using the app.

If you have any questions about this program please DO NOT EMAIL ME.  Instead send an email to
Paul at <mvpappsllc @> (without the spaces)

Here's a very brief description the owner Paul sent me and of course you will get it completely after watching the short 4-minute video.

Announcing the Instant Recall App – A No Risk, Worldwide Opportunity

Instant Recall provides a huge monthly income potential and it provides useful reminders and memories to share with friends and family.

Here is a short 4 minute video with the details:

Just by sharing this incredible app with the built in referral system, you can create a professional level recurring monthly income.

Share the app with anyone that has a mobile phone.
More good things happen with Instant Recall. You are providing 5 meals a month to people in need through and you can deduct home based business expenses from your taxes.

Start referring in minutes. Download and register here:

I have talked about this program in the past and after receiving this wonderful email from Brian I thought I should remind you of these two forced matrix programs.

So first here is the email from Brian:
Just viewed the updated commissions at Matrix Empire. Just want to say thank you Mike for your assistance to me. I really appreciate you, your efforts, and your unbelievable knowledge of this industry.
My life is so much better since I met you. I will be forever grateful.

Now here are this weeks webinars for this awesome opportunity:

Wednesday, December 7th:
Matrix Empire Demo & Onboarding
7pm EST / 6pm CST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST

Wednesday, December 7th:
Matrix Empire - How to get 100 opt-ins for FREE! (LIVE)
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST

Thursday, December 8th:
Matrix Empire Opportunity
8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST

Finally, here is briefly what I told you about this opportunity the first time:
At the below link you will read about two separate sites, both a 3x10 forced matrix.


BOTH programs are available globally! 

You can read about it at this link but if you have one be sure to check with your Mike G Deal Group Leader to see if they have a link before you use the links here:

A Forced Matrix: I love forced matrix programs, here's why:

When you join you are actually creating your own 3x10 forced matrix under you. However, your personal matrix is also part of the main corporate 3x10 matrix, which means this...

You will always have someone above you. The person who sponsored you. The person who sponsored them, the person who sponsored them. Up to 10 levels above you.

This is powerful because each time anyone of those people above you sponsor new people into the program/s, those people go under you in the matrix.  You do not earn the direct sponsoring bonus, but you do earn the monthly recurring on all these what we call spillover members, every month.
It gets better... When you sponsor anyone into the program/s, and they in turn sponsor anyone into the program/s, all of those people go in to your matrix, 3 on the first level, 9 on the 2nd level, 27 on the 3rd level, etc., etc.

So even these people that you originally sponsor, when they sponsor new people, those people also go in your matrix, meaning you earn again on them.

I know this can be a little complicated so maybe just sit down and draw it out. Ten people above you providing spillover, and ten "levels" below you providing income.

A forced matrix is designed intentionally to make money for EVERYONE.  Even if they do not sponsor a soul.

That said, the real money is in sponsoring people. You'll not only be building your own bank account, you will be helping everyone in the matrix below you build their bank account.

A forced matrix is a powerful and effective compensation plan and fair to everyone.

Just remember to do your thing. Share this letter and explanation but drop your link in it  to all your prospects.

A forced matrix is designed to make money for everyone it's just that simple, and these two programs are a perfect complement to each other.

By the way, you can read about it at this link:

The main program, the auto text program, is like an autoresponder and we all know what an autoresponder is, only this program sends out an autoresponder message as a text.

I think it's safe to say text messages are opened and read within ten minutes of receipt 97% of the time.  Email has so much clutter these days it does not even come close.

The second program, Empire, is all about an automated system for sponsoring people, I think you will love it, I do.


I'm becoming very excited about Trilogy!

As you know you can join my list to be invited to any webinars, zoom calls, etc, and of course receive 'confidential for Trilogy members only' emails with tremendous detail on each of the three programs I will soon begin sharing with you.


Despite my attempt to make it clear I will not accept or email addresses a few members wishing to join the Trilogy alert list still used a proton email address.

Just so you know... proton is a Swiss ISP email provider. They make it clear they will never release account holders information, not even under court order from a U.S. court.  This despite the treaty between the U.S. and Switzerland.  In short they thumb their nose at our U.S. judicial system. 

This is extremely troublesome to me because members of what I call the "Hater's Club" use proton email addresses so as to hide their identity. These are the same people who use my copyrighted information, my trademarks, and even my name at Which obviously is not my email address, they are stealing my identity. U.S. courts have long held an individual's name is tantamount to a Trademark and such use of a person's name is clearly identity theft.

These people don't care what harm they cause, what laws they break. They send emails pretending to be me with impunity, these are the people making the death threats, and the list goes on and on.

I have contacted proton's abuse dept regarding these issues only to be completely ignored. Therefore and my apologies in advance even for those who legitimately use a proton email account, I will not allow anyone using proton email address access to the confidential information I will share regarding the Trilogy program.

In fact this form specifically states joining as a Trilogy member includes agreement to such confidentiality.

Therefore, anyone who signed up with a proton email address will not be added to the list.  Again the form makes this very clear that proton email addresses are unacceptable. Therefore, if you used a proton email address to be included in the Trilogy notifications and your intentions were and I hope honorable, please just sign up again with a gmail account. That you for understanding and here is that form again.

On a personal note

I have been working for weeks on the various components of the Trilogy program and things are not ready yet. For example my lawyer is still working on some legal infrastructure for us and I am waiting for one of the three programs to finish their site. I have been promised this site will be done by the end of this year.

I would prefer to have all three programs in place so I can introduce each to you with the strategy of becoming part of each one from the start.  And not to get ahead of myself but... I will only tell you about the three and then suggest them to you with overwhelming details about each when it is time to become involved in each.

In other words, one at a time, with ample time to profit from each before the next one.

This strategy will make perfect sense to you once you understand the strategy involved.

Don't be concerned about having to market anything, you will not.

Don't be concerned about U.S. based only - everything is international.

Don't be concerned about cost, because as I have hinted before that one of the programs will fund the other two, and can be started for as little as a one-time payment of $40.  In fact I'm now told it can be as little as $20, one time.

Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself. The components of Trilogy are something I have been praying for, for months.

It is not only my answer to everything I must do and everything I am compelled to do, and frankly have a tremendous sense of obligation to do.  But also these components of Trilogy could become your long term answer as well.

In closing I can't be certain when my lawyer will have his stuff ready for me, however it could be another week, maybe two, before I begin 'filling in the blanks' for all those questions you now have about Trilogy.

I promise you it will be worth the wait!


Until next week!

With gratitude,
Mike G.

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