Update 11.16.2022



Special Announcement

You may recall last week I shared exciting information on TWO 3x10 forced matrix programs.

And I've heard a few people have had "challenges" in signing up. This happens with brand new programs, and I'm told any bugs there were have now been worked out.

If you are not part of these forced matrix programs you can read how they work and join at this link:

Today's quote

Let's kick things off today with this wonderful quote from Laverne M.
Where your power is


Before you read this email I would like to remind you as much as I would like to discuss our deal I still cannot. I will say this however: It seems because of my forced silence there are those people who for whatever reason behave the way they do, it's atrocious, in fact unbelievable, but I appreciated this message of comfort...

Mike. This evening I decided to venture onto Telegram to see how others are awaiting the outcome for the MikeG Deal. Now I’ve witnessed the true meaning of all hell breaking out. I visited a group... It was too volatile for me to read so many vicious remarks. Satan is Rampant.

It scares me to see how much hate and vulgarity is in the hearts of people who had previously espoused the Goodness of God to have blessed us. My deepest sympathies for the way this has turned on you and all of us who still believe in this Deal. Nowadays I don’t know if anything will work out for the Good.

It pains my heart to learn that there’s this much hatred.  

I’m a 79 year old great grandmother and have never experienced such animosity in my life.

On the other hand I’ve  never felt such genuine pleasure with your intensive work for the good of your loan partners and the potential results for the millions of others we would help.

- Asked not to be identified


Help Wanted

I still have room for a few more VP's of client onboarding (telesales).  Full or part time. We will even train you on the sale process and provide you with top quality leads for telephone purposes.  Selected candidates will earn ongoing residual commissions for every client, performance bonuses along the way and a 2-week payment cycle, meaning every sale made the first half of the month is paid the first of the next month, and every sale made the second half of the month is paid the 15th of the following month.

Please send to my email <mtg @> (without the spaces) using this subject line only: "VP / Telesales", and include
1) Your Full name
2) Phone
3) Brief resume

If accepted, we will be in touch within a matter of just days, to start your training...  We are ready if you are.

For all the details:

This program is NOT an MLM.

However I have become impressed with it first because it has been around a while, which obviously supports it's legitimacy and effectiveness.. it works.

Further, this program requires no phone calls, no prospecting, no interaction with your customers whatsoever because...

After your prospect visits your unique site the company will call them and close them on joining this program -- but under you!

And get this... It is only $9.99 your first month. Meaning you can likely have profits due you even before your subscription begins.

The last time (and it was years ago), when I was involved in a program where the company did all the marketing follow up and closed the sales - everyone made a ton of money, it was awesome!

You absolutely positively have to watch this 16 minute video NOW and then just pull the trigger and join, it's at the site.

In essence this program sets up a unique website for you and teaches you how to promote it, again at no cost, meaning no advertising cost on your part.

They close the sales,
They collect the money,
They pay you,
They pay you every month for the life of that customer, and they boast their cancellations are next to zero. In fact they say "very rare."

So there you have it, fast easy money, yes, you do have to put some effort in every week but you do not have to spend any money advertising. So no matter what, please I really am offering this as my gift to you. Go watch the video.

Any questions about this program, read their FAQs. Call their phone number and speak to them. How refreshing is that?  They have something they are proud of and good reason, they have no reason to hide.

Here's the link again:

Let's make some money for the holidays and beyond, but we need to get started NOW.

It takes the company about 24 hours to send you your unique URL. Not an affiliate link.

Then, feel free to use the letter below.  
Be sure to drop in your link and name and your email address optionally in this letter below: (Just copy & paste into your email)

Hello ,
Why didn't we see this in the beginning?  Probably because right from the start "some" companies thought they could front load us with a bunch of products, and told us to go and sell them to our friends and neighbors, 
telling us we would become wealthy beyond our dreams.

It amazes me why we didn't see this earlier....we told people over and over, just join, share the opportunity with your family and friends, and you could become wealthy.  WHAT A LIE !!!
I really don't think it was sounded good, but in reality we have discovered how really difficult it is to build a business.  There are tools of the trade plus marketing and sales skills the average person out there just does NOT have.
I truly believe a company does NOT have to be any more difficult than giving people TWO STEPS to building a VERY lucrative business from home...... WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO WORK IT.

1. Use the free advertising they teach you  OR
2.  Order and pay for even more advertising that is all YOU need to do.

Read Q & A's... you really don't need to call a coach because all questions are answered in the Q & A's.  We could NOT make it any easier or profitable than this.

http://YOUR LINK

Your Name Here
The Company Phone  Number 24/7
929 459 2777 Call After you see the video.
Your Email here/Optional

There is no assurance that examples of earnings as shown on the website can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success.

Monster Program 

Please remember these details are subject to change until we see the final site, because this program is not open YET.

I am beginning to become even more excited now, more than ever.  I mentioned briefly to you the 'Monster program' a couple of times, so you know, something really big, and I mean absolutely enormous, is coming your way.

When I announce this program I will first let all Mike G Deal sponsors/ Group leaders know, giving them time to get their link to their referrals, and then the following week I will make it available to everyone.

The only reason I bring it up again today is this:

I received a call Monday afternoon from my contact informing me the company was funding it's arbitrage accounts with 1.2 billion dollars. Apparently they needed to do this first so when they open it up for you and me they will already have a substantial foothold in the arbitrage industry.

As you can see, this is not a nickle dime business  to start and then launch. $1.2 billion dollars in seed money, kowabunga!

This foothold in the industry immediately puts this company in a superior position to become active in global markets, and it is because of this -  I know it's complicated, I will explain more later -  the company will be able to very generously reward it's members.

Don't hold me to it, but I have been told someone will be able to join this company and what they do for as little as a one-time $40 payment, and it will be available internationally.

If you are not chomping at the bit, if you are not salivating, you should be! I am.

I have been praying for this for two months now and I hope very soon to show you why.

You will be able to profit with this company two ways... First, through your direct participation with them, not through me but directly with them. And secondly, by sharing your link with others. The referral commissions they are talking about all by themselves can be life changing for participants.


Til next week!

With gratitude,
Mike G. 

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