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Today's quotes

I think this quote from my quote master, Jeff T., is perfect for all of us right now.
Beautiful Destinations

And here's one from Don S., who I think sums it up nicely, because it almost seems he has been looking over my shoulder as I do my email every day...
A Positive Mind Finds Opportunities


A short but impactful email from Brian B.  He is one of my many loan partners who truly understand what I am doing and why I am offering alternate money making opportunities while we are all on hold.

Hi Mike,
My life is so much better because of our association. Thank You again for all you do.
Brian B.


3x10 Forced Matrix

At the below link you will read about two separate sites, both a 3x10 forced matrix.


BOTH programs are available globally!  

You can read about it at this link but if you have one be sure to check with your Mike G Deal Group Leader to see if they have a link before you use the links here:

A Forced Matrix: I love forced matrix programs, here's why:

When you join you are actually creating your own 3x10 forced matrix under you. However, your personal matrix is also part of the main corporate 3x10 matrix, which means this...

You will always have someone above you. The person who sponsored you. The person who sponsored them, the person who sponsored them. Up to 10 levels above you.

This is powerful because each time anyone of those people above you sponsor new people into the program/s, those people go under you in the matrix.  You do not earn the direct sponsoring bonus, but you do earn the monthly recurring on all these what we call spillover members, every month.
It gets better... When you sponsor anyone into the program/s, and they in turn sponsor anyone into the program/s, all of those people go in to your matrix, 3 on the first level, 9 on the 2nd level, 27 on the 3rd level, etc., etc.

So even these people that you originally sponsor, when they sponsor new people, those people also go in your matrix, meaning you earn again on them.

I know this can be a little complicated so maybe just sit down and draw it out. Ten people above you providing spillover, and ten "levels" below you providing income.

A forced matrix is designed intentionally to make money for EVERYONE.  Even if they do not sponsor a soul.

That said, the real money is in sponsoring people. You'll not only be building your own bank account, you will be helping everyone in the matrix below you build their bank account.

A forced matrix is a powerful and effective compensation plan and fair to everyone.

Just remember to do your thing. Share this letter and explanation but drop your link in it  to all your prospects.

A forced matrix is designed to make money for everyone it's just that simple, and these two programs are a perfect complement to each other.

By the way, you can read about it at this link:

The main program, the auto text program, is like an autoresponder and we all know what an autoresponder is, only this program sends out an autoresponder message as a text.

I think it's safe to say text messages are opened and read within ten minutes of receipt 97% of the time.  Email has so much clutter these days it does not even come close.

The second program, Empire, is all about an automated system for sponsoring people, I think you will love it, I do.

Big Program / ERC

For all the details:

If you are with me in this amazing ERC program, I hope you are, I want to remind you of the every Tuesday night conference call with corp, here are the details....


Join Paul Mikel and Tony Swantek each week for a meeting just for you. This is YOUR time for you to tune in to hear:

    The latest in the Snap Companies news and developments.
    Training tips, tricks, timelines, and motivation
    Special promotions and incentives
    How to grow your organization
    Success Stories from other markets


Join Zoom Meeting One Click:


Please click this link to join the webinar:
Passcode: 264107

Or One tap mobile :
  US: +13017158592,,96501339528#,,,,*264107# or +13126266799,,96501339528#,,,,*264107#

Or Telephone:
  Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
    US: +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 720 707 2699

Webinar ID: 965 0133 9528
Passcode: 264107
  International numbers available:

Monster Program 

Everything, I repeat everything, don't beat me up later, I'm about to share with you, is subject to change because this program is not open YET.

Here's what I understand so far so let me whet your appetite.

It is a very sophisticated global arbitrage trading program. Meaning it will be available world-wide. And don't roll your eyes on arbitrage, I've been doing my homework on this one, there are as I have learned so far, five basic different types of arbitrage trading platforms.

And just so you understand the legitimacy of it, even TD Ameritrade has an arbitrage program for it's high net worth clients.

This program is being built, so I am told, on a network marketing platform so members who, regardless of where they are on the planet, as long as they speak English, can start with as little as $40 one-time. However it gets real juicy because I'm told they are building a 3-level compensation plan which will pay a percentage of the profits for people you refer, a percentage of the profits for people they refer, and a percentage of the profits for the people they refer (3 levels).

It's coming, I confirmed it again this week before writing this update. It just isn't ready yet and they do not want to make any more details available to the public until it is.

That said...

I promise you, you and my other loan partners will be among the very first to get involved.  And in business I think you realize the tremendous advantage of being first.

Imagine receiving an override commission on 50, 100, 1000 who knows how many people will be in your group, and that $40?... That is the minimum.

I think when people see the anticipated returns there will be a fortune at hand.

Please sit tight, like I said you will be among the very first to know because I will be notified a few days before the launch.

Can't Talk

Please allow me to explain. I am frustrated as anyone so consider this.  

We ALL are waiting, I am waiting right along with you.  Any question I am asked, any 'fact' I am asked to confirm, would be my opinion.  And I cannot speculate, discuss, guess, or offer an opinion on any ongoing legal happenings.

I have not forgotten my responsibilities. I am not hiding from anyone. I pray every day for you and all my loan partners.

I hope people can finally begin to understand why I cannot talk and why I am continuing to push push push and present to my loan partners things they would likely otherwise without my efforts never be able to take advantage of.  I am here to help everyone profit as much as possible by uncovering those little known gems to take advantage of. I do this while we all wait.

It is through 30 years plus of internet relationships, I am often one of the first, sometimes the absolute first, to know about new things in development.

And the most important link today:


Til next week!

With gratitude,
Mike G. 

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