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Special Announcement
 All in the family

As a reminder, when I make announcements such as these below and others to follow, it is out of my desire and moreover sense of obligation to you and all my loan partners. I seek first to fill employment positions with you and other loan partners instead of posting on all the various job boards which would be very easy to do. This is why I like to use the heading, "All in the family."

Special Announcement #1: All in the family
Here's the first one for today:

We have now officially launched ICAN Auto Trade, and consider it a launch in progress. What we do is very sophisticated, and frankly the site will never be 'done'  simply because the crypto marketplace is always in flux, it's always changing. So... I'm looking for an individual who can host a one hour per week zoom call.

The selected candidate will be an absolute expert at 'all things crypto.' and should be knowledgeable and always up to speed on things happening within the industry.  Not up to speed on all new coins or tokens offered, but up to speed on how it all works, what happened from one week to the next, etc., etc., etc.

The ideal candidate will already be immersed deeply in this industry, will have a zoom account, and can do one hour per week at any reasonable time as it will be recorded and made available to all Auto Trade members.

My thinking for this one hour's worth of live work (and of course preparation time) is compensation of $150 per zoom call. Some weeks (like holiday weeks) and / or the candidate's vacation schedule, the zoom call will not be necessary.

Interested candidates should send a brief "industry" resume along with full name, physical address, and phone.
This subject line must be used: "Crypto zoom calls" and sent to:

Special Announcement #2: All in the family

I am also looking for an individual who is well versed and knowledgeable of creating a 30 minute or so "creative license granted here" video promoting Auto Trade.

And as important as the knowledge in creating the video the selected candidate must be knowledgeable about placing the video advertisement on YouTube and any other appropriate channels.

If you or anyone you know, not a company I like working with real people, send an email with this subject line, "YouTube video" a resume relative to creating and promoting YouTube style advertisement videos along with compensation requirements, to me at

Note: I foresee once the first video is completed and up and running at YouTube and perhaps other channels, the selected applicant will be responsible for maintaining this project on an ongoing basis as well as, and most likely, creation of additional promotional videos.  I think the ongoing management will only require 1-2 hours per week.

Special Announcement #3: All in the family

I am also seeking five telesales candidates. This can be full or part time.  Compensation is $30 per sale every month recurring for the life of the client and also significant performance bonuses. (Most clients will never ever cancel.) Compensation will be paid on a two week cycle.

We will provide training and the leads. The leads provided are U.S. thus the selected candidates can be located anywhere in the world as long they have strong English communication skills and the ability to make phone calls during U.S. time zones.

If interested I have only five positions available, please send an email using this subject line: "Telesales position" to along with a brief resume "Specifically Detailing any Telesales Experience."


Today's quotes

I enjoyed this quote from Rick W.  I have often spoken of the importance of passion (see last week's update). In fact I also regularly cover it on my Tuesday night training seminars. So my friend Rick W. hit the nail on the head with this quote:

Move Mountains
Whatever you do in life do not settle for anything that dulls your spark.
Find your passion and pursue what sets your soul on fire.
Do not settle for a star when you deserve the galaxy.
Do not settle for a wave when you deserve the sea.
Do not settle for anything less.
Trust yourself.
Know your worth.
Don't just climb mountains.. ~ Move Them!

And another good one from Don S.:
3 Simple Rules In Life


Just a quick wonderful email from a loyal partner, Anquises:

Happy Friday! TGIF! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Appreciate it and you continue to hang in there!

Thank you for getting us all involved with something to help our fellow human beings when we finally get there!

We bend but we don't break!

Happy Friday again!
Best Regards,

COD Loan Partner
War Veteran, US 🇺🇸 Army
(Now an instrument of peace)

Big Program

For all the details:

My upline Nick H. is already doing amazingly well with this company. As you know a LOT of other people are also.

So two important updates from Nick regarding the ERC program.

#1 Update from Nick:
Hey guys...

Wow... Many of you are absolutely crushing this and creating life changing in.come!!  Congratulations!!

We have something very special here... So much better than virtually any bizopp most of us have ever been involved with.

I suggest you stay "laser" focused for at least the next 6 months, and consistently hammer away at your Snap business, daily.  Jumping to another "deal" will only have you starting all over from scratch, and it will NOT be anything as incredible as whey we have here. If you don't believe that, you need to take a closer look, 'cause you're missing something.

I have updated the "pitch" page where you can send prospects to see possibly THE best opportunity in the world! Period. At least for many of us.

Pitch Page: (No cost to use it. It will refer them back to you).

And, for a lot of great resources to help you even more, check out: (recently updated as well)

Please forward this on to your teams.

Jorns and Associates
Independent Agent

and now #2 update from Nick:

What to Do if You Need... a Call Between Jorns and One of Your Business Owners or Their Accountant?

If you are taking this business seriously, and you certainly should be, even if you're very part time... you should have taken the 4-module ERC training and then got certified. Thus, you should have enough answers to satisfy the decision-maker. You'll probably know much more about the ERC than their CPA. However, if that's just not enough, you can set up a call with a Jorn's ERC Specialist.

Kurt Kelly:     George Garza:,
or book a call with the pros at corporate:
Charles:     Jason:   
Alex Skaar:  

(IMPORTANT: Please do not talk when these guys are talking to your prospect).  NEXT: SEE BELOW.
IMPORTANT: Please do not talk when these guys are talking to your prospect).  NEXT: SEE BELOW.


Ideally, you took the ERC training and got certified so you can close your own deals, however if not... and you need someone to talk to your business contacts about ERC just click one of the links above and schedule a time.

We have secured time with experts in the Jorns family and they have graciously agreed to take time out of their schedule to help our Snap Financial team. There are a few things that we must do to make sure we respect their time and make sure our prospects are ready for this call.

1. Make sure your prospects have watched the 5-minute video that Tony Swantek put together. This video is directly embedded when you use your referral link for ERC Merchants.  

2. Make sure you have properly set the stage for a great call by letting your contact know that the person they will be speaking with has helped hundreds if not thousands of people qualify for the ERC program and that we want to respect their time.

3. When the expert from Jorns is talking please make sure that you are not. This may sound like common sense but many people will get on a call and then not let the person that is on there to help them talk.

4. Make sure you take great notes and listen on every call because the sooner you can do your own calls the easier it will be to get your businesses qualified without waiting for one of our experts to be available.

5. Have fun and realize the more businesses you put into the program the closer you are to helping yourself and your businesses benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime program!

Forced Matrix

I am very excited about the new 3x10 I've been talking about. You may recall it has morphed into two separate 3x10 opportunities.

There were some issues with the signup that I felt were too cumbersome. However, the seller took my advice to heart and is totally reprogramming the sign up process and expects to have it ready for us about November 1.

I want you in on this when it happens. I love a forced matrix! I'll explain more later however you can actually earn commissions without ever sponsoring anyone.


A few weeks ago I told you about this program. And all though I received some blow back from some people I have to be honest with you, the owner has always treated me right with my accounts with him and therefore I will not be part of any rumor mill.  The lord knows I personally experience far too much of that all on my own.

Bottom line, this program is now up to over 20,000 clients. I think that says it all! 20,000 people can't be wrong.  I know the system works for me, therefore it must work for others. By the way, it also pays on three levels. 

Please remember I have already and previously, if you have a sponsor in the MikeGDeal, invited your sponsor to join this program and send you 'their' link.

I hope you jump in:


Hopefully I will be able to begin discussing things about 'you know what' soon, but right now still cannot, sorry.  Therefore please don't ask.  When I can I will make my remarks in these pages.

Til next week!

With gratitude,
Mike G. .

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