Update 10.12.2022



Special Announcement

Special Announcement #1:
I recommend you watch these updates every Wednesday. Because I frankly do not know when I will begin discussing all of this again. But when I do, it will be through these update pages, and always under the subhead "Our Deal" which, when available, is always the last segment of these updates. So what I'm saying here is if you are not interested in the variety of other topics I cover, especially ways to make money that are not generally known about on the net yet, you can quickly scan forward to see if there is a section, "Our Deal."

However, I cannot stress how important it could be for you to participate in these alternate programs because I strive to find only the best and newest yet to be known opportunities. And you know what they say in business? Being the first is always a huge advantage!

Special Announcement #2:
As you know I have been discussing a brand new 3x10 forced matrix. And I love a forced matrix program!

When I do announce this program I promise I will explain how it works in detail. But for now, know this:  A forced matrix means you can earn commissions from the people directly above you putting people into the program under you AND you can earn commissions from those people below you, up to nine levels in a 3x10, sponsoring and putting people under you.

Obviously the serious money in a forced matrix is sponsoring your own customers.

Anyways, I had expected to this week begin the marketing of this program. However two things have happened.

1) This opportunity has now morphed into two separate 3x10 companies. One feeds the other (I promise to explain later). So when I do start my promotions you will want to join both and not lose out on easy money from those who do join both.
2) The owner of the company was ready to pull the trigger and give me the go-ahead, but when I saw a particular feature which would seriously, and negatively I might add, affect signups / success, I was able to and because of my experience in this industry to convince him to overhaul this feature. Therefore, due to programming and some other technical things he must do, it will be about November 1, before I and you are ready to pounce.

If you are wondering about my experience in this networking industry, know this... I hold all of the top three world records for direct referrals. And I'm not talking about downline, I am talking about people who joined through my link.

World Record #1:  A little more than 11,000 people joined a company directly under my link.
World Record #2: Over 5,500 people joined a company directly under my link.
World Record #3: Over 5,300 people joined a company directly under my link.

I just thought you should know. This is how and why I am at  the top of every new companies 'Go get Mike G' list for their launch.


Today's quotes

From my great friend Don S. please enjoy this quote:

When something bad happens,
you have three choices.
You can either let it define you,
let it destroy you,
or you can let it strengthen you.
-- Dr. Seuss

And here from Rick W, an email and a quote:

All the “ people” who are against you (and us), are in a dark place. They care “only” about themselves!

But, you care about all! All of us in the program! Even to the point of working to find many different opportunities to give to the group to make $ until the “ Big” deal comes available!

Wow! Talk about continuing to help us, you do & you have!  Thank you!

Mike I have zero chance at my age & my financial situation, to live only in an apartment, live only on social security,. All by my own doing.

But the Lord is going to use you to more than change all that!


"The Light Shines in the Darkness"
John 1:5

Big Program

For all the details:

Please see below, for a letter designed to be printed and put in the mail to businesses. It's a great letter written and sent to me by my upline, Nick H.

(BTW, Nick has a new book at Amazon, "Evolution: A Fairytale For All Ages."  It's wonderful & thought provoking!)

There are two ways to use this letter...

First, you can obtain a list from any reputable list broker of businesses in any U.S. market by business type, number of employees, and well, all kinds of 'selects' but each time you request a new 'select' it costs you a little more for the list.

So let me suggest if you rent a list, you select only businesses by number of employees or by business type where they are likely to have ten or more W2 employees (this is where the money is). 

Those types of businesses are, but not limited to, these examples:
  • HVAC (heating and air conditioning)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical contractors
  • Home nursing
  • Cleaning services
  • Restaurants!
  • And any you can imagine.
So, for this method, the greeting should say "Dear Business Owner" so you will not need to have your printer drop in the business name (which costs more). And mail out 500-1000 as a test and guess what? Just one client puts you well 'into the black.'

The second way to use this letter is to go through your 'yellow pages' (if you can find a physical copy), or certainly online for any city and select the businesses you want to send this letter to.  In which case your greeting will say "Dear (Name of Business) Owner"

And of course don't forget to include your name and link where indicated in this direct marketing powerful sales letter. Good luck, this stuff works!:

Did You Get Your “ERC COVID-19 Relief Refunds” From The IRS?

Over 95% of our 7,000 clients got approved to get an average of $567,000 (each), from the
IRS's (Employee Retention Credit program).

That's an average of $21,000 in refunds per W2 employee. *Jorns/Snap Financial gets our clients FAR more refunds than the average CPA will.

How would YOU like to be next?

Thru the CARES ACT, the IRS is paying out as much as $26K per W2 employee to businesses and non-profit groups. Our large national accounting firm, that specializes in ERC refunds, has helped over 7K businesses across the US, get approved for more than $4 billion dollars in refunds since July of 2021.

We average about $21K for every qualified W2 employee. Since ERC paperwork is so
specialized and time consuming, most accountants are lucky to get their clients $5K to $10K. Most won't do them. In fact, we have many CPAs and accounting firms now bringing their clients to us.

For example, on average we're getting businesses and non-profits with 25 employees, over $500,000 dollars in refunds. This is “not” a loan, it's money you do not have to pay back, and can use any way you want.

Don't lose out on this limited-time ERC refund program. Time is running out. Get back to me and let's talk about how we can help your business(s) or non-profit get your refunds.

Watch this 5-minute video to see how it works: Your ERC Link Here

Jorns and Associates
Independent Agent
YOUR Contact Info

P.S. Many CPAs can get you $5K or possibly $10K back from the ERC program. But why settle for that? You only want a specialist to do your ERC paperwork. Our proprietary software omits human error and also helps get your business the most in ERC refunds.

Why not let us work for you to get our average of $21K like we have for over 7K clients in the past 15 months (over $4 Billion dollars total). Many CPAs are still saying businesses can't get the ERC refunds, however, in most cases that is incorrect, outdated information, the laws have changed.

P.P.S. Jorns covers you with 5 year audit assistance, and even includes a $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions insurance policy. We guarantee that our calculations are accurate.

We guarantee that our filings with the IRS as a paid-preparer are compliant with program rules and regulations. *No refund guarantees until we have your payroll data.

Get Your ERC Refunds Even if You Got a PPP Loan

Disclaimer: NO income or funds are guaranteed


It's an awful shame so many people live their lives without ever discovering this one single guaranteed, no exceptions, absolutely guaranteed way to mega succeed at anything.

It's "Passion."

Passion can never be defeated.

Passion can certainly lose a battle here and there, however passion will never lose the war.

Passion is what drives you to spring forth from your bed every day. Clapping your hands and proclaiming 'Hallelujah, here is another day to purse my passion.'

Passion is what causes you to keep making those calls even when the "No's" add up.

Passion is responsible for driving you forward when the whole world seems against you. Ignore them, give passion a chance.

Without exception, every mega successful person whom you have known or know about, has "passion" for their success.

Famous athletes first had passion before learning their skill.

The world's highest paid surgeons had a passion before ever picking up a scalpel.

The most well known billionaires had a passion for their "trade" before anything else.

There are NO hugely successful people who did not FIRST develop passion.

All of my extraordinary life I have had a passion to help people in a lot, and I mean a lot of different ways.  I have anonymously and quietly and never even spoken of the things that I have done through my life to help others.

Occasionally on my Tuesday night "How to be a better you" teleconferences I may make a reference to an example of something I have done. And when I do it's for teaching, and not boastful purposes. You can listen to some of these teleconferences at

Honestly, I could fill the pages of a book on all of these stories of help I have been behind.  I know some would cause you to weep as many times so did I, out of gratitude I was able to do what I was doing.

Many do not realize when 'Our deal' first began I loaned without ever breathing a word to anyone for the first six months to our seller's companies.

I needed to personally get my arms around all of it, before I invited anyone. Frankly when I did invite others it was because of my "Determined Passion" for helping others as my last mega hurrah, my grand exit, my lasting legacy.

While we all must wait for things to play out, and they will, it is because of my passion for helping others who desire to change their world and the world of others I offer these alternate programs / opportunities.

And know this... My passion has not waned. Despite the horrendous cost to me personally, because I realize passion will lose an occasional battle but it will never lose the war.

I'm still here, I'm not hiding, same email, same phone number, same address. Why?... PASSION.

Until next week!
Mike G.

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