Update 10.05.2022



Special Announcement

Special Announcement #1: All in the family

When ever I am looking for a resource or personnel to help us in our business, I always like to first ask those I currently do business with if they are interested or know someone who might be. It's easy to find whatever you want online these days and very fast, but of course that goes against my philosophy of "keeping it in the family."

So, I'm looking for a direct mail house that can physically print & put a stamp on an envelope for me, mail a 2-page sales letter, and ideally even providing the list. I would want to test a minimum of 2,500 pieces to start.

If you know of anyone or you yourself, send me an email at <mtg @> and please use this subject line: "Direct mail house".  Please provide a brief overview of the business and contact details are all I need.

Special Announcement #2: More all in the family

We plan our official launch of Auto Trade on Friday, however we have set up a lot of accounts by offering clients the opportunity to get in line first before the big grand opening.

Through this process it has come to my attention a few of our clients would like live help, meaning one-on-one by phone, rather than relying strictly on the written instructions on how to set up an account at an exchange and interface with the software.

Our written account setup instructions can be confusing to some because we cover the procedures
1- For all browser types
2- For all the exchanges we use
So client onboarding assistants will be trained on the procedure for each clients assigned exchange and the specific browser type to assist clients one-on-one by phone or Zoom.

Therefore, I am now looking for an individual who:

   1. Must be exceedingly professional and patient with our clients on the phone
   2. Is willing to set up their own payment link (paypal, zelle, etc) as we need to ask clients who require this 'special' service to pay a modest one-time fee of just $25.
   3. Set up an appointment calendar for the client who wants the additional live assistance to select an open date. I know you've seen those calendar systems - they send confirmation and reminders to the person booking the appointment.
   4. Contact clients by phone and/or Zoom (if you have a Zoom account)

Job title: Client Onboarding
We will train this individual, and we will provide the selected candidate's payment link and calendar link. I'm just guessing but based upon the several hundred clients who have already taken advantage of the Auto Trade software offer, I suspect a minimum of twenty or more weekly, a lot more, (so I may actually need two people to fill this role) after full launch.  The selected candidate will NOT do customer support - we already have that covered - just the onboarding process.

So to keep it in the family, if you or someone you know is interested in this, send an email to me at <mtg @> with the subject line: "Interest in Live Assist Position" along with a brief resume and indicate your abilities to setup the above and let me know very soon because I want this position filled at or shortly after launch this Friday.


Today's quote

Let me begin with a quote sent to me by Don L.:

Don't ever let go of your inner goodness.
Do not let difficult times steal your power.
Instead of dwelling over the unfairness of it all, focus on what will move you forward.
Think about what's going well in your life.
Direct your energy towards something good for your emotional wellbeing.
Embrace your power.
Release all that anger, resentment, and bitterness for your own sake.
You don't deserve to live in the shadow of bitterness.
You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be free of the past.

This next quote is a good reminder for all of us from our quote master, Jeffrey T.:
Every Day Is Special


Admittedly a long email, however I felt important, in fact a must, to share this with you. I believe Colin explains this issue better than anyone. Please read this:

It was good to hear that you are fine after the passing of Ian. Good to talk with you and hear your voice! Glad to know you're doing well, considering the situation we're in, as well as the weather!

I've been getting a lot of calls from Loan Partners asking me why you are putting these other business opportunities in the updates for us to consider. They are of the opinion that it is to distract us from the Deal, to distract us from the potential that the Deal is dead, and you don't want to honor your guarantee.

I've told them that in all my years of having known you as a friend and business associate, I've never even heard of you even considering how to cheat someone out of a dollar. You've been a trusted friend whose drive in life is to benefit anyone you do business with before you earn any profit with them. These programs are your way of attempting to put money in our pockets while the Deal is going through the process that it is now having to go through. None of us know how long it might be before any decisions are made in regard to our Deal, so it makes sense to have other forms of income working for us. You are in a unique position to look into many of these ops and see that they are genuine and how they work, where we aren't.

Many are saying they won't lay out any more money with you in another op until this one pays out. Some are well off enough that they don't need to have additional income working for them, but most are not that comfortable, and need something providing income to help them pay everyday bills and buy food. I would much rather work with someone I've known and trusted for over 17 years now to give me options to earn those needed funds than take my chances with ops I find online.

I know you are under a gag order to not discuss the Deal with anyone in any manner, and understand that that does not mean that you are in any way trying to avoid any aspect of it. It will go through it's process, we will come out of with a positive result, and everyone who is throwing stones and making unfounded accusations will be eating crow.

 People need to understand that you have been open and honest with them from the very beginning, that your position or manner hasn't changed at all since day one, and that you have nothing to hide. If you were guilty of anything, you would have run off, or disappeared, or found a way to get lost so that none of us would know where you went, or what you are doing. Instead, you are continuing to provide us with encouragement and rebuttals to the nay-sayers and accusers, most of which aren't even Loan Partners, or otherwise involved in the Deal.

It amazes me how people who aren't affected by something think it's their right to make false accusations about that thing, and make personal affronts to another person's honesty, as well as disparage their character. Libel comes to mind when I see those things printed and posted to the public, and even with these things being said and done against you, you aren't the type of man that will file suit against them. Yet there are still Loan Partners that would rather believe those false statements than take a good hard look at the man they loaned their money to, and see the truth about him.

I won't pay any heed to that tripe, or allow my trust in you to waiver as a result of their crap, nor will I accept that you are putting these ops in front of us to consider for any other reason than to benefit us. I appreciate that you are taking the time to look at these ops and find the gems to offer us. You could be just sitting on your haunches, waiting for the results of the legal actions to come down the pike, and go from there. Instead, you are still working to benefit us, trying to put money in our pockets while we wait. I thank you for that.



An interesting post appeared over the weekend by one of the 'Mike G Hate Club' perpetrators. There are people who are buying in to so much of the rumors and lies and trash talk that I can't keep up with it. It's a shame, just too much hatred. I wish I could talk about our deal but for legal reasons I simply cannot. We have to let it take it's legal course which is in progress.

Before you read this post, understand it's because of my forgiveness to these people I haven't taken legal action against them, yet. So again what makes them think I have ever publicly said that I will not pursue them, I have never stated publicly in broad format, this is the first time.

Here is the post:
"Mike G won't do anything about threats or we would all be in jail."

Just this alone I would hope and pray would give cause to pause to all of those buying into the rumor mill, rather than getting details from me in these updates.

Auto Trade

As you know now we plan on our full launch hopefully this Friday. Which, for the first time everyone will see how things work and exactly what is involved in the process.

Remember, we have already offered on limited occasions the opportunity to become a client, the first time for testing our systems and operations, and the second time giving clients the opportunity to get in line before the big push.

This site WILL go viral.

Our referrals earn 30% recurring / every month on the software lease. I'd like to share with you just one testimonial, and when you create your account you will see this along with several others:

Subject: Winner
I have to congratulate you and give you my most humble thank you for this awesome crypto trading opportunity.
This will in my opinion will save my retirement. I'm so glad that I didn't give up. I was going to you know but a voice inside my head told me to hang in there.
It's not even 24 hours since my auto trading started and it's way past my expectations.
Thank you
Jon M.

Bottom line, you can go now to and create your account and even acquire the software right now. Your back office will give you a link to do so.

Or you can wait for the "Full Launch" update announcement (you'll receive this if you first register at the site) where you can get all the juicy details at the beautiful new site, up to you.

New 3x10

As you know I have been working with the owner on a brand new 3x10 forced matrix offer.

As soon as it's ready I will tell all Mike G deal sponsors/ group leaders, so they can share it with their referrals. And then I will announce it in these pages WITH A REMINDER TO CHECK WITH YOUR SPONSOR/ GROUP LEADER FOR THEIR LINK / IF THEY HAVE ONE / BEFORE JOINING WITH THE LINK I PROVIDE.

I fully expect but cannot guarantee my first letter to the sponsors will go out before next Wednesday's update so please stand by and you will see soon why a 3x10 forced matrix is so powerful.  Members can actually earn money from those above them and below them in the matrix without ever sponsoring anyone! This is truly a gem, read Colin's letter (above) again please.

More About ERC

If you are not part of this program yet and are a U.S. Citizen there is still lots of time and plenty of unclaimed market share. Read about it all here and join from this link:

And remember please use their support email for any questions, not me.

Lastly, and I will not continue to talk about this, however I know that these government funds will probably be exhausted in less than two years time and people are earning enormous sums, just unbelievable sums with this program.

I read about one man, the co-founder of a Fortune 500 company, who resigned his position with his own company to work this program full time. And he is already earning about one million dollars per week. This is crazy good stuff!

By the way, here's the link to the video where he shows how he is doing it.

Finally, from my upline Nick H., a great suggestion and a sample letter for you to use to physically mail to accounting firms as he details here:
I think going after "Accounting Firms" as Referral Agents is a GRAND SLAM!!  Their customer base trusts them and pays them to do their taxes. Getting "their" clients to do the ERC (thru Snap) should be a Slam Dunk!!
I think we encourage the team to go HARD after them. There are 46K accounting firms in the US.

Please check out the email (or letter) I wrote, below. 
(I'm gonna print it on the back side of the flyers I purchased from Snap FInancial (in our back offices).


How Would You Like to Earn Substantial Commissions by Simply “Referring” Your Current Clients to the Top
Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Company?
(Learn why
many CPA firms are joining us as “referral agents” and
earning a bundle without having to do the work)


You probably already know this, but doing the ERC paperwork for a business with W2 employees is very specialized and takes time... Basically, it's a major pain.

Most CPAs submitting ERC for their clients are lucky if they get them $5,000 to $10,000 per W2 employee in refunds. Well, that's actually chump change.

What if there was a Better Way? A way where all you had to do was let our CPA firm that specializes in ERC refunds, and even has its own proprietary software that eliminates human error... help them get the average qualified client about $21,000 per W2 employee.

This national accounting firm has helped well over 7,000 businesses across the US, get approved for over $4 Billion dollars since July of 2021. Over 95% of these businesses they processed were approved for the ERC funding.

They guarantee their calculations are accurate, and that their filings with the IRS as a paid- preparer are compliant with program rules and regulations. They even offer $1,000,000 in E&O insurance per claim, and 5 years of support if the business is ever audited due to the ERC refunds.

Why do the ERC refunds yourself when we can do them for you, and you can earn 4% of the gross payment the IRS pays the business? And, all you did was refer them.

For example,
say one of your clients who qualifies has (100) W2 employees, and we get the average as over the past 14+ months ($21K per W2), they would qualify for about $2,100,000.

would earn about $84,000 in commissions simply for referring this one client. Imagine referring several clients that qualify. Even better, our large CPA firm will pay you 20% of that $84K (about $16,800) upfront, out of their own pocket, once the paperwork leaves their offices for the IRS. (There is no cost for you to be an agent).

To learn more,
go to: to see the 5-minute overview video from our company co-owner. This is the page that you will share with clients.

Then Contact Me:
(Add YOUR name, phone, and email address)

Disclaimer: NO income or funds are guaranteed

Until next week!

Mike G.

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