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Special Announcement

Special Announcement #1:
The first three Tuesdays of every month at 7:00pm Eastern I host marketing training conferences at no cost. I have been doing this for, I think, 14 years now.

Last week Tuesday, September 20th, my training conference was all about my personal experiences that show how to be a professional "esplainer" ie; salesmanship in print, ie; copy-writing.

I always record these conferences such as this one, and it is located at this link.

If you are interested in attending these conferences and/or receiving the recording link afterwards you may sign up at  There is a 'join link' under every recording, and note, weeks with major holidays I do not host a training call. 

Special Announcement #2:
I'm fuzzy on these details however it comes to my attention a Mr. Jeffrey Bean is soliciting some loan partners, people who he apparently knew and invited into our deal way back when.  And I'm told he is now seeking funds for hospital expenses for an ailing sister (I believe this is what he is saying but not positive).

I'm also told he is promising returns somehow connected to "Our deal."  He does not have permission from me to make this request if in fact this is what he is doing, so consider this announcement a warning.


Today's quote

A great quote from my quote master friend, Jeffrey T.:

I too am being tested, and I too will get back on course.  Enjoy!
Get back on the right course


As you know while we all must wait for things to develop, I continue to look for the finest, yet to be widespread, and amazingly profitable opportunities.

This email from Blanca expresses gratitude for this as well as gratitude for the free leads I offer all Tuesday night conference attendees for marketing purposes. See what Blanca has to say:

Hi Michael, great day today, I am using the leads for ERC, I am sending messages to these people, and I am having so much fun, thank you, thank you for what you do for us, helping us to to have better, God bless Love and success! Blanca D.

More About ERC

If you are not part of this program yet and are a U.S. Citizen there is still lots of time and plenty of unclaimed market share. Read about it all here and join from this link:

And remember please use their support email for any questions, not me.

My upline Nick H is a powerhouse, rarely have I seen anyone work as hard as he does to help his downline prosper.

For a copy of the 'engagement' letter you send any business wanting to apply for the ERC Federal funds, see this link.

You might be interested in this overview from one of the ERC / Big Program agents, on selling points of using Jorns & Associates. It's posted at the teams FB page - ERC Maniacs

Also, please read this from Nick:
We actually have a few people (soon to be more) in this company earning $500K to over $1,000,000 a "week" now, so I highly encourage you to stay connected to the Zooms (schedule sent out by Snap weekly and daily, and I send out updates, too).  Also, you and your team will definitely want to read the latest posts on our "Team" (ERC Maniacs), AND "Official Corporate" (Snap Financial Official), Facebook "group" pages, every day. You can find them on our team resource page I put up at: (There is a lot of good stuff here).

If we are serious about making the potential BIG BUCKS, I think you'd agree that we all need to spend a little time knowing and learning this business. Actually, it doesn't take much time at all, maybe a couple hours a week, max.

Keep in mind, I'm a referral agent like you. I'm just trying to keep you updated and give some ideas on how to build your business.  Besides the two Facebook groups, zooms, and your personal sponsor, there's always "support" at Snap (they have just added two or three new to that staff).   FYI: I am "not" customer support.  I get tons of emails and calls and simply can't keep up.  I also have a business to build. lol.  
Support would be <support @> or Karissa at: <kdelena @> to start.

I hope none of us take this incredible opportunity for granted.

Nick H

What's Coming Next

Some people don't seem to 'get it'...  Because of my reach and reputation in the marketplace (despite recent damage to my reputation), I am still on the "first to know" list for many people who create or discover exciting, new, programs with tremendous income potential.

Last week I began discussing a brand new 3x10 forced matrix.

I promise, I promise, I promise, when I make this announcement official I will go into detail on exactly why I love forced matrices.

However, here is a clue:

In a 3x10, you can earn income without sponsoring anyone from people above you, up to 9 levels, and people below you, also up to 9 levels (you are always Level #1). All working to sponsor people into the program, more details later.

I now have such a program on my plate, however I am waiting for the owner to make a few adjustments to simplify the sign up process.  As of now it's a little clunky and I don't want you to lose prospects / income because anyone you invite or I invite to join under you has trouble signing up.

I am told this 'sign up fix' will be completed on or before October 1st.

So assuming it is, and again assuming I have internet connectivity (remember the hurricane), I will first send the link where I have all details posted to all Group Leaders and those who have sponsored others into 'our deal.'

Of course this advance notice will go only to those individuals who have requested to be on this Group Leader list. It will be up to them to notify anyone they referred into 'our deal' and when I make the big announcement to everyone, hopefully next Wednesday, I will also encourage you and everyone else to contact your Group Leader / sponsor to see if they have a link for you to join under.

Don't worry, if they don't respond or provide you their link, I will give YOU A LINK TO JOIN FROM.

I promise people will LOVE THIS PROGRAM.

It is a marketer's dream! Wish I had thought of it first!

Till next time! Bear with me, we'll get through all this and make some money in the meantime.

Mike G.

P.S. Completely beyond our control, after one delay after another, we finally began setting up Client accounts at ICAN Auto Trade yesterday.

And already the first testimonial:
Mike, I have to congratulate you and give you my most humble thank you for this awesome crypto trading opportunity. 

This will in my opinion will save my retirement. I'm so glad that I didn't give up. I was going to you know but a voice inside my head told me to hang in there. 

It's not even 24 hours since my auto trading started and it's way past my expectations. 

You're my favorite impressive businessman. You should be proud of yourself. I am!

Thank you

We will announce Full Launch / open to everyone in a few days.

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