Update 9.21.2022



Special Announcement

A personal message from me, Mike G.

I want to remind you of something I have said of you and I working together for so long.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   

I want you to know I will never let my dreams slip away regardless of the personal cost I must bear. I can only hope all the lies and hatred will stop, it does none of us any good.
All truth will soon be revealed enabling all of us to make plans including, in fact especially me.

I want you to know I will never give up, and I am here to help you in more ways than you have even considered.


Today's quote

Just one today, but it's a dandy. Enjoy this one from my friend, the quote master Jeffrey T. 
Being Alive is a Blessing


A few emails to share with you today.

This first one is from Will, and self-explanatory:

I hope u r finding a slow deep exhale, deepening faith and trust that somehow all is perfect as it is now.

🙏 Will

Sometimes it seems the whole world has turned against me, meaning against you as well, the hatred hurts us all. I receive the hate email - emails threatening my life, really, I get those... However the fact of the matter is the overwhelming majority of people truly understand I receive emails like this one from Mary, in FAR greater numbers..
Mike,  I'm so thankful that I was introduced to you.  We haven't met yet but I'm looking forward, with great anticipation, to meeting you.

Thank you for the updates and although many people are trying to pull you down, I know they won't succeed.  First of all because you are a man of integrity and God has great plans for you.  He's on your side and you can't help but win.  Keep looking up, He's watching over you.

With gratitude and prayers,
Mary H

This email, from Mark, a man I consider my friend, and I hope to meet him soon. I reprint his impressive bio at the end of this email to help you see the quality of those people who don't hold hatred in their heart. And realize before I am legally able to discuss things again, we have to let things play out through the courts, we have no choice.

Some people seem to have forgotten I supported this deal all by myself for six full months and then some, before ever inviting you or anyone else to join me. Mark C knows this, here is his email:
Hey Mike,
I am a member of the MikeG Deal and ICAN Auto Trade.

The reason this time for my reaching out is simply because I felt inspired - moved to share with you my Bio / Background. Perhaps, there may be a place for me in the future working with you in some capacity.

I have a 30+ year career in Direct Selling/ Network Marketing in  ALL levels and dimensions.  I love helping people and causing them to awaken and arise  to their “ full human potential.“

My brief bio is attached for review.

I live in Northeast Florida, just below St Augustine. I  have family not far from you, I am down that way periodically. If interested in meeting… I would love to treat you to a coffee or lunch.

Thank you for you time Mike, and the Lord’s wisdom, strength, protection and continued blessing to you and yours.

With Appreciation,
Mark C

Mark has had a successful career spanning over twenty years in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry.  Although he began his entrepreneurial path as an independent owner of a traditional retail business, Mark quickly recognized the power and independence of the Network Marketing Industry.
He has served in a wide variety of positions within the Industry, including successful development as a Field Distributor, a National Sales Trainer, Industry Consultant and Corporate President.
Mark is an accomplished Teacher, Trainer and Motivational Speaker who has personally built huge down line teams and won numerous awards, incentive trips, and industry accolades.
He has established an excellent reputation throughout the industry built on Integrous Leadership, Relationships, and Conduct.
His key focus is to educate, motivate and empower people to succeed in their life,career and business... reaching their full human potential and  achieving the greatness of their dreams.
Mark considers himself to be an ' Everyman's  Network Marketer '  and his down to earth, impassioned  training style demonstrates this fully.

Alternate Programs

While we wait for things to be settled, as you know I have offered a few alternate programs for you to consider joining.

You see, I know how important it is to do these things:
1) Be among the first for any new "trending" opportunity
2) Build multiple streams of income

There are those for whatever reason, let's call it what it is - hatred - want to attack everything I offer you.  Many times they go so far as to claim that I own or control these alternate programs - of course I do not.

Everything I offer I do so to help you, truly help you, in some significant financial way.  We can't sit on our hands waiting for an outcome - we need to continue moving forward.

And if it is network marketing related, I stand in line to also profit from your involvement. And should it become necessary for me to honor my personal guarantee, income I receive from these programs may help me do just that. You must understand what I offer you is not for selfish reason, just the opposite.

I have discovered a brand new 3x10 forced matrix. I may very soon, before next Wednesday, send an invitation and details about this program to all sponsors who have signed up to be on this first notice list.

I'm not positive things will be ready to get things out to this group leader list, but if I can founders should after joining get their link out to anyone they have referred. My way of maintaining integrity within the database of loan partners.

I'm waiting for the owner to make a couple of minor adjustments for us and once done I'll get the first invitation out, and then announce it for the first time next week.  I need at least three days lead time for all group leaders to send their link to their referrals.

This said, when announced I will remind everyone to check with their group leader for their link for the next 3x10 forced matrix program.  It should come as no surprise as this is how I have been doing this each time.

By the way for those people who just 'don't get it' and want to claim and throw stones at network marketing asserting it is just a pyramid scheme are living in an ignorant past.

You may recall in a recent update I pointed out how Amway corporation was successful in court with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and was the first network marketing company in history to prove and legally prove network marketing is not a pyramid scheme it is a legitimate method of distribution for products and services.

And then the business opportunity law of 2012 which was promolgated again by the FTC who rambled on for the first 58 pages justifying their reasoning for not including network marketing in the new business opportunity regulations.

You just do not need any more legal evidence to finally prove once and for all network marketing , ie; paying distributors for the business produced by the distributors they sponsor and so on and so on.

By the way, the Amway corporation which is actually now three separate corporations but each serving the interest of the other is the largest direct selling organization in the world, eclipsing the 2nd closest competitor with annual revenues between 8-9 billion per year.

So, the next program I announce, being a 3x10 forced matrix means you can conceivably join and never sponsor anyone and still make money because... of something called spillover which means the people above you, when they sponsor a new member / customer that person goes under you. Thus becoming a paying part of your group. When I announce this program I will go into considerably more detail on how this works so please stand by, this is very exciting and anyone around the globe if they speak English, can join.

About the "Big Program"

As you know, the big program, Employee Retention Credit program from the U.S. government, is truly amazing. In all my years of involvement in the network marketing business I have never seen people earn the kind of money they are earning with this program. This may jog your memory,

What's unique about this opportunity - which also comes as a caution, it is projected this monster deal will only be available about another two years. After that the Federal money (one trillion dollars of it), is expected to be completely dolled out.

I am told people are making absolutely insane commissions on this deal.

So here are several things I present to you to understand and become involved. And sorry, this is only for U.S. residents.

Meet Bob Sagar. Actually, I now like to refer to him as, "The Amazing Bob."

Learn how Bob earned about $300K in his first 4 weeks with Snap Financial. (This is a guesstimate if using the $21K average per W2 Jorns has gotten businesses the past year).

The potential here is off-the-charts. We have never seen ANYTHING like this before.

The question is... are YOU going to let it slip away?  Well, are you??

Isn't it "your" turn to... CRUSH IT?

You should watch this recording from Tuesday night
(click on image)

Getting Started AND Succeeding
with Snap Financial!

" Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work" -- Stephen King.

Join Paul Mikel as he provides you will all the information, tips, and resources to present the ERC program to businesses. You will receive practical action steps that you can incorporate immediately to start to be successful! Overthinking, planning, and planning without action rarely yield results. Action and activity are required to succeed with Snap Financial. You're not going to want to miss this!

When to join: Every Friday 12 pm Eastern
Where to join: Click HERE
Providing you the tools to be successful! That's Snap Delivered!

Here are some great tips to get you on the right track:
Here's a "sample" pitch to model your own, for phone or in-person. 

The "Pitch"
Keep in mind that this is a "number's game," so the more decision owners you share this with, the more success you'll have. There are a variety of ways to get to them (see below). Keep your introduction very simple, and push them to the 5-minute video overview by COO/Co-owner Tony Swantek and let him do the presentation for you. You could say (or email) something like to the decision maker...
"Hey (name), did you get your ERC money from the IRS yet?" 
(If they say "YES," then ask if they know any business owners who may also want it, and get the referral(s)). 
If they say "NO," then you can say something like...
"The IRS is paying out as much as $26,000 per employee to businesses (non-profits) with up to 500 W2 employees. The national accounting firm I represent has gotten over 6,000 businesses across the US, approved for over 3.5 Billion dollars since July of 2021, and averages about $21,000 for every employee. So, for example, on average we're getting businesses (non-profits) with 25 employees, over $500,000 dollars. This is money they don't have to pay back and can use any way they want. Let me get you a 5-minute video overview from the CPA firm's co-owner. This is the real deal. You'll definitely want to watch it as soon as you can." 
Go to: (Your ERC "Client" link page)
Your Name and Contact Info.
(Obviously, if you're emailing or mailing this, you'd edit out a couple of the lines at the open.  It's a good idea to follow up with them in a day or two if you don't see them show up in your back-office. Edit to fit your personality).

What to Email a Business (to Review the Snap Financial ERC Offer)
First, you'll email them your "Refer ERC Client" link (Simple instructions above. Double check and make sure it's "your" link you email). Preferably email the decision maker.
sure they watch the 5-minute video from co-founder Tony Swantek. It's a great presentation and will do better than we can to present the ERC and close them.
Then, they need to fill out the "Registration" form just under the video. Then they need to click on
"CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED" button that shows up after they fill in the Registration Form. Then, they fill in their email address and it is emailed to them immediately (check spam if not showing up within 10 minutes or so).
They read it, sign it, and submit their (100% refundable, no risk) $2,600 down payment. Then, Jorns will connect with them via email within two business days about the next steps to getting their ERC refunds. 


Until next week.

Mike G.

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