Update 9.14.2022



Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1
My upline Nick H. just sent me this. If you are already in the ERC/big program please see this quick message from Nick...

This is a "business," so please, please take our ERC training course (Details on the corporate FB group page (Snap Financial Official) listed on 9/10/22, watch some live and recorded zooms, use our team Facebook group page (ERC Maniacs), and corporate Facebook page (Snap Financial Official), and learn all you can before sending a bunch of questions that are readily available in these other areas.

And note: Things like this also go on our Team Resource page at:

Special Announcement #2
For our Auto Trading program, I'm looking for seminar circuit companies to partner with. If you know of anyone in this business who will host a program for one of our professional speakers or place one of our speaker on the seminar circuit, please let me know. 

I'm very flexible on how our company can do a revenue share with the Seminar Circuit company.  Send an email to me <michael.glaspie @> (without the spaces) subject line: "Seminar Circuit" with any details you may have and I thank you.

Our speakers will teach "Demystifying The Digital Currency Phenomenon and How To Purchase Smartly In The Crypto Space For This Year and Beyond."


Today's quotes

A very colorful and fun quote from my friend Rick. I like it, I think you will too. 
Your Superpower


A few emails to share with you today.

This first one is in response to an email purportedly from me, but it was not. (Any email coming directly from me would be from the email address I just included above.)

In fact, there are several email imposters circulating email from the hater fan club claiming to be from me.  It's so simple to create a fake/spoofed email address.

So before you read this from Paul, know this... I do not answer any questions by email for anyone. Anything I have to say is always published in these pages or sent as a list email to an entire list for anything I am involved in.

Mike, I knew it was not you.

The writing had words you would never say. I told my partner "this is not Mike" but it is the third or fourth time he comes to me with similar things and every time I can see that they are writings of low level people.

I wanted this time to show my partner your response so he can stop believing the internet. I hope he does not come any more to me with this kind of stuff, it starts to bother me.

I do not like it when they try to muddy the character of good people.


Here's one I think you should read from Dane and his family

Hang in there Mike! 
For me, I only read your Wed emails (thank you for that by the way - I know you could easily just go silent until further notice).  I also will sometimes listen to Ivan.  I am in TWP and trust Linda also. 

I know a lot of people are in my camp that are just as  disgusted as you as why the few assholes just keep pounding to get people afraid or deceived - I think they are trying to wear you down so you will just quit.  I think deep down they are too afraid of being proven wrong so they are really scrambling for anything at this point - just my take.  :)
Remember you are in mine and my parents thoughts and prayers every day - and I trust you will continue to persevere even with the aholes trying everything they can to bring you down.

Thank you for the continued money-making opportunities you offer us, and I for one am really excited for the Icanautotrade coming up!

Hang in there my friend!
Blessings from Dane and family

And this one regarding those fake/phishing emails, from Dennis G., it's crazy what's happening.

Hi Mike,

THANK YOU...for your 9/7/22 UPDATE.  "YES", we are seeing these "FAKE EMAILS" and the "SPEWING" of "Vile Words and Personal Attacks" on You, Garry, and Neil. 

Just know brother, I am a Man of You and Many Others are too Mike. "WE GODLY PEOPLE"...DO NOT BELIEVE THESE "FAKE EMAILS" OR "THE PERSON" making these "FALSE ACCUSATIONS" ONE BIT.  Their Day is COMING.  

Keep Us Updated as BEST You Can, We Understand the SILENCE due to the Legal Matters. The TRUTH will come out SOON, and the Ones that STOOD with YOU....WE ALL WILL REJOICE !!!

Yours In Success,
Dennis G

The last email I think is a great summary which I believe epitomizes the sentiment of the vast majority!  It's from my friend Will from down under.

Hey Mike

I’ve just read your update. Really it is so far out of reality it must almost be farcical now. Maybe the gift for you now is that you CAN’T defend yourself. Going into battle all the time to Stand up for yourself must be exhausting.

Remember you know who you are and you’re intentions - these minds that are pained and tortured are just looking for another to blame instead of taking responsibility for their own choices and pain. They are pained souls who are yet to find their own strength.

No need to fight that energy, have compassion for it, with a smile knowing who you are and how supported you are by many.

This enforced silence, I believe, is a gift for you.
Stay strong and around those who are your strength.

And again, any of these fake emails that include an 'unsubscribe' link - those are for being on MY list, NOT from unsubscribing from these hater's emails. They are trying to impersonate me and including my 'unsubscribe' information illegally.

If you get emails about me or impersonating me from these lowlifes, don't be fooled with the unsub link which belongs to me. Just put your cursor over it and if the address bar shows 'mgdailynews' and you unsubscribe, it will be from any email from me, and you will not be able to re-subscribe unless you use a different email address.

What's Coming

I'm not prepared to discuss it just yet, however I am looking at, and very seriously I might add, a new network marketing opportunity available globally.  But get this...

It's a forced matrix.

I will teach you more about why I like this when I first announce it, but for now a forced matrix means people above you who continue to sponsor put members under you. Say for example, a 3x7 means the first 3 people I sponsor start my matrix, the next nine people I sponsor go on my 2nd line of 9 with three people each assigned to each one of the first three on my first line of three.

If I lost you with this brief explanation, no problem, I'll go into much clearer detail about this in an upcoming update.

Big Program

As you know, the big program, Employee Retention Credit program from the U.S. government, is truly amazing. In all my years of involvement in the network marketing business I have never seen people earn the kind of money they are earning with this program.

Imagine one guy has earned his first year, in fact the very first year this prestigious CPA accounting firm, Jorns & Associates, offered this program, he earned in excess of fifty million dollars... That is not a typo.  That information comes to me from my upline along with reports several people are earning in excess of one million dollars a month signing up businesses.

Jorns has established a reputation in the industry as receiving among the highest retention credits for it's clients, paid by the IRS.

Makes sense when you think about it. I'm told they invested over $800k in software to assist their on staff CPA's in filing applications for this U.S.A. Government sponsored program.

If you are serious about your Snap Financial business...
You GOTTA watch this recording from Tuesday's zoom!!
Owners Tony and Paul update a bunch of important stuff as well as share new stuff.
You definitely should watch it ASAP. 
Make the time!

Remember, as an associate of Jorns, they will even do 3-way calls with you and your prospect and actually close the deal for you.

And those prospects are everywhere!

Google your local businesses and find businesses in the service industry - plumbers, electricians, lawn care, auto repair, maid services, restaurants... the list is endless, they are everywhere.

Any business with W2 employees, employed in 2020 & 2021 are perfect prospects and they need a call from you.

Then email them this link to watch a short 5 minute video that does the selling for you:  

The stories I'm hearing are absolutely amazing, in fact mind boggling!

And you'll find several client video testimonials at this link:

Lastly, you may want to attend tonight's webinar at
9:00pm Eastern,
8:00pm Central,
7:00pm Mountain,
6:00pm Pacific,
where the topic is "The Importance of Maintaining Your Social Media Accounts" ie; using your social media accounts to prosper with Jorns. 
Sign up here:


I hope soon to be able to talk more freely about some issues, however just cannot - yet.

Until next week.

Mike G.

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