Update 9.07.2022



Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1
My "haters fan club"  has gone too far. One feeds upon the lies and rumors of another and so on and so on and so on.

For example, one fabricates an email as though it actually came from me showing it came from me by falsifying the header etc, others see it, accept it as truth, and on it goes.

There are fake emails circulating accusing me of all kinds of vile things. Egregious comments to or about groups of people. Attempting to show racism and all kinds of ugly stuff.

And now they have stooped to a new low circulating an email from them - not me - making all kinds of completely untrue but they claim factual statements, and then - get this it's unbelievable - offering an unsubscribe link but... Guess what? It's MY unsubscribe link so readers who wish to opt out of these stupid emails are actually opting out of my list.

Here's the irony: These people claim they are trying to help you understand or believe what they believe and thus help you but yet they ask you to unsubscribe from my list so you don't hear from me. That is far from being on your side.

If you have been tricked into unsubscribing by one of these 'hate' emails, just visit at any time.  This is where I post and keep you up to date, not by sending random emails.  Or, please resubscribe with a new email address to receive my updates, at this link.

For the life of me I do not know what is wrong with these people.

Why can they not just let the courts and the lawyers sort things out? But yet they continue to pound, pound, pound knowing full well I cannot defend myself against their comments because I am simply not permitted to discuss ANY details of this matter while it is being adjudicated.

For God's sake, please stop listening to all the stupid rumors about me. When I have any announcements to make they will come directly from me and then ONLY in these pages!

Special Announcement #2

The "Big Program" for government COVID grants is doing exceptionally well. Whether you are in it and even if not, there is a live Q&A call tonight as follows:
ERC MANIACS (Live Training and Q&A Zoom Tonight)
Time and Financial Freedom Can Be Yours!!
Join Us This Wednesday Night!!
9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST (come early)
Please click the link below to join the zoom:
Meeting ID: 836 5800 9267
Passcode: 010431
Then join if you have not yet, at


Today's quotes

Here's a quick one from Michael M., I think this is very appropriate considering the above announcement:

“To bear trials with a calm mind
robs misfortune of its strength and burden.”
-- Seneca The Younger

Another one I really like and I think you will too, from my friend Jeffrey T., the quote master:
Never wait for the perfect moment


I won't reproduce the entire email because it was primarily a copy of my update Sept 3, 2000 (two years ago). It too is being circulated that I am some kind of a liar and scammer. Here's the real story:

On September 2, 2000, a number of earthquakes hit California, an amazing 14 of them altogether, all minor earthquakes, no one hurt and minimal damage - part of the Southern California lifestyle.

The next day in my update on the 3rd, I used the earthquakes in California as a metaphor and jokingly stated that one of those earthquakes had hit just the building where our deal would close, and other business things with the deal were happening, just having fun.

In fact, the vary next paragraph of the update went into explanation as to my facetious remark about the earthquake. (For those airheads who try to distort and misinterpret everything I say - not you - but them, facetious means: not meant to be taken seriously or literally.)

It never ceases to amaze me the level to which these hateful people will stoop.

Any reasonable person reading that update would know it was a metaphor and I was just having fun with these 14 minor earthquakes.

BTW, at the time and from that update I never received one single negative comment with anyone misconstruing my comments.

"Z" Program

You may recall last week I began sharing with you a new program.

I said last Wednesday I would first be inviting all group leaders and sponsors who registered to be on this advance notice list by email about this new program.

Of course I do it this way as has always been my promise to not usurp any sponsors database from them unfairly.

The letter I sent to sponsors of course gave them the link to join this new program AND it also highly recommended when they do, to share their link with anyone they have referred.

To remind you I do these things to help you and others.

I have always for over 20 years looked for special opportunities, advance notice opportunities / be among the first, high profit and unique opportunities.

All things that come to me early as a result of my 'reach' in the marketplace.

Thus, being able to give all of my subscribers an advantage over the rest of the net.

I enjoy doing this, it's who I am it's what I do.

So, I invite you now to see this new opportunity which is available worldwide, English speaking of course. At the bottom of the letter at the link I'm about to share with you, there are several recent live video testimonials.

And be sure to read the comments from the lady who was less than one month away from being evicted until she discovered this program.

If you are indeed interested in being part of this just as backup and to be sure, I ask you to check with your sponsor / group leader, to confirm if they have a marketing link you can join under and if not, use the link to join in the letter hosted at this site.

Among many other things you will discover at this link, you will be offered a free marketing app allowing you to promote any website you choose.

Let's make some money together.

Until next week.

Mike G.

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