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Special Announcements

If you are unfamiliar or have no knowledge of this situation with 'Sam' then it most likely may not apply to you.

This guy Sam, a group leader, apparently has gone completely off the rails.

He is now asking people who follow him (which certainly does not represent everyone, far from it), and therefore does not even include anywhere near all the people he is trying to reach to prove this:

He has it in his mind, and who knows, there may be some of it that went on, where loan partners made a pledge/loan to a group leader - and he thinks some group leaders have not sent all of the collected pledge money to the company.

So, and this gets really bizarre, he is asking for that information from people - how much they sent, dates, their personal information, name and email address.

Here's the problem with this plan... 

If it is indeed to root out any group leaders who did not pass thru all pledge money collected, he would have no way of knowing without seeing the math from me, what was loaned and what was sent by other group leaders - which is information I assure you he has not been given and will never be given.

He goes on to accuse me of 'looking the other way' while this was happening.


In fact, there is no proof it was happening. But if it was, I had a handle on it.

I'm explaining all of this so you know I was NOT looking the other way.

You may recall from previous updates I talked about this issue from several different angles...

You might remember I always had the plan to verify with every group leader who was collecting funds the information from their pledgers - name, amount, date, etc.
and they would not be receiving any funds until everything was verified.

Remember the 'pay me' form I spoke of several times?  My plan was to develop this when the time came and to design this form connecting it to a secure searchable database and on this form ask every single partner if they made any loans to any group leader and if so how much.

So step back and take a look at the big picture. I did in fact have it covered.

Thus, I have no idea why Sam wants this information. He would know it's not possible to verify without my numbers or having access to all loan partners and knowing what was sent by a group leader.

So here I'm taking a guess... First I think he wants to further slander my name, in fact this might be his only reason for what he is doing. However it occurred to me perhaps he wants this information to build out a sophisticated economic demographic for future marketing purposes. But then I thought, in my opinion of course, he's not smart enough to do anything like that.

So maybe his goal is to sell that information to a third party? It could have tremendous value. I think I have told you in the past he has profited by selling other things to the group of people who do follow him. And don't forget after my personal meeting with him, he hit me up for $7500 for his support, and only after I refused did his true colors emerge.

My advice for those who have made the decision to follow this man... You just might want to rethink that decision. At the very least, you may want to rethink the sending of your own pledge information to him.

Today's quotes

During these very personal trying times I have found strength in this quote sent by Don S.

Three choicesDefine, destroy, or strengthen

And here's a quick one-liner I think you will enjoy also, from Bjarne L.

"Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss."
-- Maharishi


A short one from my friend Simon, (and BTW I did help him find what he was looking for).

Here's his quote, and who do you think he is referring to?

Hey Mike,
I looked for up date but couldn't find it and I don't have Auto pilot not sure what that is. I did go to where you normally put the updates but I didn't see anything there.
I wasn't sure it was for everyone especially the nay sayers. By the way I don't really like this guy he seems to be causing all sorts of trouble.
I have been involved with you for about 10 years and I have been looking at all your business and it's amazing how far you have come that's why I followed you.
Simon H.

Big Program

You might recall last week I gave you a great deal of information about a wonderful new program. Remember, I have a sense of obligation to help you in any way I can. If you missed seeing it, it's in the update dated August 17.

However, what I have below I think will pretty much catch you up.

This Big Program is available only in the U.S. and all U.S. territories.  Remember, it is U.S. Federal dollars being distributed to help U.S. businesses affected by the pandemic the past few years.

As of now, all sponsors who opted in to my 'sponsor' list to receive advance notice on things like this may have joined, and most likely have sent everyone they referred into the 'MikeGDeal' their link.

If you have a group leader and have not received a link from them, either they did not join or the link is lost in spam, etc.

So please after seeing the below, and then going to the special info site set up for this Big Program, I encourage you to check with your group leader if you have one, and ask them if they have a link for this program.

And if you have already joined this program being a group leader, you may wish to review the information below again as I have added a few more items here, and not at the info page. Such as...

1. Tonight, at 9pm Eastern, the company is hosting a special Zoom call primarily for us. The Zoom call will accommodate 1,000 people. So I can't be sure but just to be safe, you might want to show up early to be sure to get a seat. This Zoom call is hosted by Tony Swantek, a co-owner of this program.

Here are those details:
It will be recorded however I may not be able to get you the recording until possibly as late as next Wednesday. So, if you just can't make it possibly have a friend record it for you.
Time and Financial Freedom Can Be Yours!!
Join Us This
Wednesday Night!!

9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST (come early)
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Set an alarm, you really don't want to miss this.

2. So, near the bottom of which has all the details and the join link, you will also find an updated list of Team Resources to help you succeed in this business faster than most.

This is a big bonus: When you have a business customer to enroll into the ERC Program, the company will call them and close the deal with you on the line. Details about this at our "Team Resources" page.

3. Also, at the information / sign up page, just above the big overview graphic near the bottom, is a new link / video with a great opportunity overview, which I highly recommend because I am now hearing a lot of people are making big bucks with the other half of this business which is the restaurant/ food delivery business. It's pretty amazing!

Listen, I don't want to overwhelm you with all of this, I realize there is a great deal of information. But those people who have taken the time to really dive in seem to be doing really well.

For example, I have heard the #1 man with this program has earned in excess of $50 million dollars his first year. By the way 'earned' also means not fully paid because once ERC funding is approved which you will soon learn all about, the commission is deemed 'earned' even though disbursement from the Federal Government may take a few weeks to complete the cycle.

I am also told several people are earning right now in excess of $1 million dollars per month. KOWABUNGA!

If you are ready go now to

Or, here is a partial repeat of valuable information I shared last week with you...


As you know, I have offered loan partners the opportunity to join a network marketing company that has applied this business model to the sale of a service wherein our federal government rewards business who apply and then qualify (applications are extensive and complex) up to $26k per employee, and this money is not a loan.

It is a special program enacted by congress to help businesses recover from economic turmoil largely due to the perpetual insidious effects of the COVID virus.

There are a lot of companies specializing in providing this service to businesses, the service being navigating the tumultuous application process. However there is only one to my knowledge, the company I have been talking about, which has taken the fees they earn (which are amazing by the way) and sharing those as commissions through a network marketing business model. You can Google this too, use "ERC Government Program." 

This company paid $500k to build software specifically to get higher refunds and omit human error on the application forms.  They receive an average of 20% more, (way less than their fee), averaging $21k per W2 full-time employee.  This is considerably more than other high-level ERC companies.  Most ERC competitors do not have a large staff of CPAs who specialize specifically in ERC refunds, like this company has.

Somehow, some people seem to think I own this company or I developed this program - not so.

Since I began marketing on the internet in 1997 my interests have been two fold:

1. Developing products and programs to assist internet marketers in their success goals.
2. Through joint ventures (in the industry called "JV's") offering a wide variety of programs which are brought to my attention and then researched by me.

Some people seem to think that I should not be investing my energies in this way.

They clearly do not understand, if I can find a way to help you or anyone else I do business with, be among the first to profit from something new, something spectacular, I absolutely owe you this courtesy to tell you about it.

(And it's ironic - if the 'haters' joined this program - there is even a free option - and spent as much time /effort working on it as they do on their hatred and vitriol they could actually be quite successful. )


This thing is a monster and I predict only two years left of Federal ERC money before it is all given to qualified businesses... Get in now, get your share.

Mike G.

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