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Today's quotes

Let's begin today with a wonderful quote, and a beautiful poem, from my friend Harold in England.

"All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

--philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

i exist in the depths of solitude
pondering my true goal
trying 2 find peace of mind
and still preserve my soul
constantly yearning 2 be accepted
and from all receive respect
never comprising but sometimes risky
and that is my only regret

a young heart with an old soul
how can there be peace
how can i be in the depths of solitude
when there are two inside of me
this duo within me causes
the perfect oppurtunity
2 learn and live twice as fast
as those who accept simplicity
-- Tupac Shakur


I'd like to share with you three emails recently received and I hope you can appreciate how much I appreciated them. (Emails are sometimes modified for clarity, brevity, and syntax.)

This first from Joan B.
Good day, Mike,
I wanted to email you (I am not religious but very spiritual) and send you lots of healing, prayers, and love, for I manifest only great things for you and all of now and in the future.

I do want you to know how much joy and gratitude you have given me since I joined you as a loan partner in February of last year.  I look forward to all you're updates with anticipation and wonderful positive thoughts, for in my opinion, we will all be winners in the end whatever the outcome.  To me, it has been a privilege and awesome opportunity to be part of your dream to change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.
Your friend as always,
Joan B

And here's probably the shortest email I've shared with you, from Brian B.
I wasn't going to bother you again today but just wanted to express how much I personally appreciate all you have done for me.
Brian B.

This longer one I've saved for last, sent from David A. from down under.
Hi Mike,
I sense your tone has lifted despite the BS that keeps getting thrown at you.  You no doubt are gaining excellent support from many of us.

The moment Carol L mentioned your background, very briefly on her first call to me, I knew that this was a man of integrity and someone I could trust with my small input.

In a couple of sentences she mentioned how she had come across you at a business conference you had and that several of her close contacts had known you for 20 years or more, people she trusted and that their faith in you was absolute.

I have not changed my mind about you for one second. I have not seen a scrap of evidence regarding your character to change my perspective. Your almost over done attempts to show you have a good name which I must say has been more than impressive. Underneath we do hear a heart that is bleeding from the wounds but that it is a heart of integrity and love for those who are standing behind you and also a heart for those you seek to serve.

A friend of mine said "One's perception is reality. Everyone makes sense to himself." No matter what kinds of situations, dramas and political correctness we find ourselves in, we make sense of it ourselves, based on our viewpoint, perspective, and upbringing. My view comes from a Christian base, his perspective doesn't, but whenever we come to a disagreement, he says, 'Everyone makes sense of it to themselves.' And he is right. I make sense of a situation and he makes sense of a situation, but we differ because we come from a different world view.

As one of your quotes said, if we are fearful, we will experience fear. If we are basically untrustworthy, we will find it hard to trust someone when the chips are down. If we cover up and lie, we will see what seems to be lots of lies all around us.

Fortunately I had a kind of Pollyanna mother who always saw the glass half full, and most of the time I find that's what I do too.

God bless you my friend.
We love you and are barracking for you.

Blessings from Australia
David A.

Big Program

The year was 1959 and two friends barely out of high school started a new company. They began selling products from the trunks of their cars and they created arguably the world's first network marketing company.

Their names were Richard DeVos and Jay VanAndel.  By the way I met Mr. DeVos, he and I kept our boats at the same marina in West Michigan.

By 1975 their business had become a juggernaut making both men very wealthy.

However, their business caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission here in the U.S. and the FTC sued their company, Amway. By the way, Amway is an acronym for "American Way."

The FTC hauled them into court claiming their business model, because it paid commissions on several tiers was a pyramid scheme.

Long story short, Amway was victorious and their favorable court ruling paved the way, since, for thousands of network marketing companies.

Not only that, this court ruling legitimized once and for all network marketing, AKA MLM, as a legitimate, viable business model.

So much so in fact in 2012 when the FTC adopted a new law, the "Business opportunity law of 2012."  They spent the better part of the first 58 pages explaining why the FTC was exempting network marketing companies from the new law and it's rules, which decimated the business opportunity world.

So once again, network marketing emerged as a legitimate, viable business model.  However, yet even today, there are those uneducated souls who somehow still manage to view network marketing as a pyramid scheme. They should read those first 58 pages, not the entire bill as I have, but just those first 58 pages.

Since these two young men created Amway it has gone on to become the world's largest direct selling organization powered by network marketing and grossing in the vicinity of 8-9 billion dollars PER YEAR.

No other network marketing comes even close!  And even though Richard DeVos passed away September 6, 2018, and Jay VanAndel on November 5, 2014, their legacy of creating an industry which has spawned literally hundreds of thousands of average yet successful men and women and their families and continuing to do so to this day.

As you know, I have offered loan partners the opportunity to join a network marketing company that has applied this business model to the sale of a service wherein our federal government rewards business who apply and then qualify (applications are extensive and complex) up to $26k per employee, and this money is not a loan.

It is a special program enacted by congress to help businesses recover from economic turmoil largely due to the perpetual insidious effects of the COVID virus.

There are a lot of companies specializing in providing this service to businesses, the service being navigating the tumultuous application process. However there is only one to my knowledge, the company I have been talking about, which has taken the fees they earn (which are amazing by the way) and sharing those as commissions through a network marketing business model. You can Google this too, use "ERC Government Program." 

This company paid $500k to build software specifically to get higher refunds and omit human error on the application forms.  They receive an average of 20% more, (way less than their fee), averaging $21k per W2 full-time employee.  This is considerably more than other high-level ERC companies.  Most ERC competitors do not have a large staff of CPAs who specialize specifically in ERC refunds, like this company has.

Somehow, some people seem to think I own this company or I developed this program - not so.

Since I began marketing on the internet in 1997 my interests have been two fold:

1. Developing products and programs to assist internet marketers in their success goals.
2. Through joint ventures (in the industry called "JV's") offering a wide variety of programs which are brought to my attention and then researched by me.

Some people seem to think that I should not be investing my energies in this way.

They clearly do not understand, if I can find a way to help you or anyone else I do business with, be among the first to profit from something new, something spectacular, I absolutely owe you this courtesy to tell you about it.

(And it's ironic - if the 'haters' joined this program - there is even a free option - and spent as much time /effort working on it as they do on their hatred and vitriol they could actually be quite successful. )

Yesterday I sent an email to all Group Leaders to sign up if they like for this program, and get their link out to all of their referrals before next Wednesday, August 24.

You see, next Wednesday, August 24, I will publish a special link where I have this companies program details, and the link to join.

However, next Wednesday I will also recommend to everyone if they have not received a 'join' link from their group leader to at least make the effort to contact their group leader before using the general sign up link.

So next Wednesday I will provide a lot more details about this program in the update.

Until then.

Mike G.

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