Update 8.03.2022



Special announcements:

Special Announcement #1

A brand new network marketing company has come to my attention. It was brought to me by a man whom I have done business with for probably twenty years or more. And in all this time he makes his living in the industry. He's good at it.

The opportunity is new, and not quite ready to be explained to the public, however my friend is putting together all the pieces for us now.

He tells me there are two, maybe three people, in the organization who began with the company just two or three months ago, apparently before the company decided to offer the network marketing aspect, and he says these top people are earning in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH, offering the service the company is building their new MLM model around.

So here's my plan: When I have all the details, hopefully within the next few days, I will send just the group leaders in our deal the info so they may join immediately and then tell their group, their list, their contacts, etc prior to my making a full announcement about it in one of these updates. This announcement will also direct people to their "deal" sponsor for their link to join under. This will give everyone the opportunity to preserve the integrity of their contacts, so stay tuned!

Special Announcement #2

Regarding the 'fast cash' deal, there have been a few more changes and I have changed the URL to see this information to:

I received an email earlier this week from someone, in my haste I did not keep it, telling me he knew of someone I think he said his upline, who had already won a 1.5M dollar house!

Today's quotes

I received this quote from Don S., and Don is certainly in tune to my daily struggles. I think wonderful words of wisdom from Dr. Suess.

Great quote

And here's a combo email and quote from Tom S.
Hi Mike,

I thought this [see quote below] fits yourself and all of us loan partners pretty well.

Keep your head held high and never listen to a naysayer again!!

How anyone can think this is a scam is beyond me???  Scammers don't give their name and phone number out.

If this ends up dead as a doorknob it is still not a scam!!

We will cross the finish line in time!!

Everybody keep the faith----

Tom S

I didn't come this far to only come this far


I want to share a few emails with you today, I think the reason will become apparent very soon.

The first a devotional from Peter B., and his subject line was "our support is always with you."
[12:05 PM, 8/2/2022] Peter: A Faithful King
"For this reason I have sent Timothy to you, who is my beloved and faithful son in the Lord, who will remind you of my ways in Christ."  1 Corinthians 4:17

Earlier this year a hiker died of apparently natural causes at an obscure spot in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. When his remains were found two weeks later, his faithful dog, King, was still standing guard over his master. King, a golden retriever, was hungry and emaciated; but he had done his duty.[1]

[12:06 PM, 8/2/2022] Peter: The Bible often tells us we can learn things from animals—the hardworking ant, the soaring eagle, the panting deer, the dependent lamb. We can also learn a lesson from King. Sometimes troubles beset us, and grief dismays us. But we can always be faithful. Timothy was faithful to Paul in all circumstances, even as Paul was faithful to Christ—and Christ was faithful to them both. Faithfulness provided the trust that bound all things together with the cords of stability and strength.

It may be no more than standing beside someone in need, but faithfulness here on earth will receive heaven’s badge of honor.

The level of trust requisite to a fruitful working partnership with a dog guide is analogous to a genuine relationship with a generative God. Neither is easy, yet both are simple.
Dallas A. Brauninger

This next email from Silke is not just supportive, it offered me some solid advice which I am trying very hard to follow.
Hi Mike,
A quick Hello to you and your family just to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this trying time. Know that I stand behind you and always will. Try to forgive those who’ve done you wrong, not for their sake but your own.

Not everyone is against you, you are a wonderful person, don’t ever forget that.

This too shall pass and it will one day be just a memory. Please take good care of yourself, thinking of you!


This next email is especially for those who, and I don't think you, but those who are following the words of others. It's from Velda.
Hello Mike,
Just checking in that you and family are keeping well and ignoring all the hate noise out there.

I am appalled that there is such a toxic atmosphere in the chat room of that Reach for the Sky guy Sam.  Linda Knott made a big mistake when she introduced that group to her group when Sam (Mr. Know it all) poached and commondared her members to come and listen to the information he wanted to share on his visit to your home.  What a load of rubbish!  I deleted his chat room as I can't listen to such nonsense and a foul-mouth person swearing all the time. He has no respect for women using such language.   He and several in that group should not benefit from all your hard work whether or not the Deal closes. 

Please look after your health and stay well.  God will work things out somehow.

Praying for you always

I saved this very positive and supportive email for last as obviously the longest and it's emails like this from David that have helped sustain me recently through some very dark times.
Hi Mike,

I am really (unfortunately) starting to see the shear and utter brutality of people and the emails they are sending you because I am getting them as well now. I simply don't read them or if they are persistent, I actually had to create a "Blacklist" filter so that I don't keep receiving the sudden infiltration of vile trash. I don't want to fill my head with their pure evil and especially how much they delight in it.

I wish I had some beautiful and profound words of encourgement right now for you Mike, but I really don't. I just want to let you know that you are not alone, I feel some of the what you have been enduring for a very, very long time and I think all I have to share with you right now is HANG IN THERE!! As long as you are still fighting, I will be there to support you. Should you ever feel otherwise, if you happen to think of me, please call me and we can talk, pray, and bring it to God.

I want you to know that I am surrounded by doubters and they don't understand me and my faith in your integrity. Even those that are "very close" to you Mike are saying some really bad and unwarranted things behind your back and in the dark where evil does its work best. So please be careful to whom you talk to, confide in and share and perceive their alleged loyalty. Just as Ceasar was taken down and killed by his closest freinds, there are many "close" people to you that are more than willing to be your first Brute.

 There are many that are only happy and your best friend when things go their way. But a true friend is there with you through not only the easy good times, but moreso during the really bad times.

Regardless of the outcome Mike, I'll be always there for you. I just wanted to share this with you hoping that in it, you will find encouragement to some level that will make the vile hatred you get inundated with daily go away . . . if even for a few brief minutes.

You are loved by me, but even more so by Jesus Christ. Never forget that. Never give up Mike! Never ring that bell!!!!

Sorry to be a bit mushy . . .

From my heart,
David M

And just for balance and so you realize not all emails I receive are letters of support, some are just downright hateful even though the letters of support outnumber the haters, I think it only far to paint a complete picture for you.
You bastard. You guaranteed the deal would close in October that why! Your horrible. You also told us Biden funded our deal! Remember? “A lot of my partners won’t believe this, at least not yet, but that’s ok”

You told us Mnuchin wrote the bylaws which also isn’t true too. You sold us a dream you horrible man.

Your soul will burn in hell Mr Glaspie. How do you sleep at night after ruining so many lives. 

Aileen Wuornos

My role

I want to remind you about something I wrote a long time ago, it's a quote from me that I wrote just for this deal, and I think it summarizes very well why I began down this path:

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

I'd like you to know also that for the past three and a half plus years I have devoted my life to this deal. The overwhelming majority of my time has been spent, and now continues to be spent, with this project.

My wife and I have not had a vacation in four years as I did not want to be away if something significant happened. Despite what others say this kind of dedication is unknown to most people.

I also just do not understand how some people are claiming me to be a flat out liar.

Here is the definition of lie:
A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

Everything of merit and substance I have reported to you in these updates over the last 3+ years I believed to be a fact.

For example, when I reported Mr. Mnuchin following his tenure as secretary of the Treasury was retained to write the bylaws for this deal, this information of course came from the seller, to Garry, then to me for the purpose of announcing it in one of these updates. It is totally beyond me how or why anyone, yes including our seller, would make such a statement on a topic so easily verifiable by anyone who would have access to Mr. Mnuchin.

I tell you this for this very reason...

If a thousand years ago I told you the world was flat and not to sail your ship to far west or you would fall off the earth, is that a lie?  No, it is not! It is a belief, and in the case of the shape of the earth was a belief passed on for generations.

The point I want to get across here is pretty simple... If a man believes what he passes on, the intent to deceive does not exist. And I'm asking those who might believe that 'our deal' has been nothing but lies from the beginning to realize I did not lie.

Another thing that I have brought up time and again is, I was reporting what I was told. That I did not have control over the seller, the buyer, the Board, the lawyers, the closing, or this deal. Also that I clearly was invested in this deal with you - with my money, my time, and my reputation, and more at stake on the closing than any of my loan partners.

I continue to be puzzled how some people can think I have lined my pockets with gold when the indictment served upon our seller Neil clearly shows how many millions he received.

Who else do you know in any deal, big or small, who has literally opened up his home not only by practice but by invitation to anyone who wished to pay me a personal visit to learn from me anything and everything that I could possible share about our deal.

I truly wish I could say more but I simply cannot.

Our deal

I heard today the seller has someone who stepped up to cover his legal expenses. 

This said, I have no idea how all of this in going to resolve with our seller, I simply want you to know that even though I am not a religious man I am a spiritual man and I am praying for you, I'm praying for all my loan partners, yes even those who hate me. Finally, I'm praying for a successful outcome for all of us.

I think some people may have watched too many episodes of Boston Legal. The real legal world is quite different and, I repeat, I simply cannot discuss details of this deal.

I wish I could tell more but I cannot. As I'm sure you and everyone realizes I'm just not permitted to talk about any specifics because of the ongoing legal nature of things.


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We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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