I'm posting today's update earlier than usual, ie; usually up by 3:00pm Eastern, because a big part of my afternoon will be spent to and from and with the doctor I see who keeps a careful eye out for any new tumor growth following the successful removal of one from a kidney a while back.  Also, until I can speak with Ivan on a public basis again with any news I'm leaving his contact info off this space.  


Special announcement:

Regarding the fast cash deal, they are holding a special Q&A today at 5:00pm pacific time / 8:00pm Eastern time

It is ONLY for Q&A and NOT an official presentation by the company.  Because it will be recorded I'm told, I should also be able to post the recording in next Wednesday's update if you cannot make this call today.

This is the WOW program.
Details for attending the Q&A conference are at

Today's quotes

From my favorite quote master, Jeff T., here's a quote which describes best, I think by saying, I have felt this way from the very beginning.

And this quote from Phillip S. is how I try to live my life every day. I hope you do also.

All the good


A couple of emails in this section regarding a conference which was held by a man on Monday, I'll have more to say about his actions, not him specifically, but this kind of stuff in "our deal" section.

Here's an admittedly long email from Jiscard which I have edited for clarity and brevity but have added nothing to it.

It amazes me how two men can attend the same private meeting with me and get something completely different from it:
Thoughts on yesterday and how we choose to move forward

Yesterday I dropped a message about not including anything pertaining to RFTS in this chat anymore. I publicly stand by that decision, we here at PMC will make things positive no name calling, no negativity and certainly nothing resulting in bashing MikeG, Neil or Gary.

What happened yesterday with Sam was a mental hijacking and I plan on helping loan partners get their minds back on track. We are all adults and we all came into this deal willingly. Do we all love the current atmosphere and what has gone on and taken place, absolutely not. We want to see this case get resolved as quickly and expeditiously as possible no matter what.

I spoke to Mike and he’s not pleased at all with what’s going on, not by a long shot. There’s a lot of things he just can’t discuss, simply because of the ongoing investigations.

Due to the sensitive nature of this deal, we can’t mention anything pertaining to this legal stuff be it negative or positive while this case is ongoing or you could be subject to a court subpoena and  have to report to court and be subject to all 10 Million and one questions of the what, where and how. Let’s allow Mike, Gary and Neil to work with the Agency Folks and resolve this case ASAP.

One thing I’d love to say is that Mike wants to keep his promise to all loan partners. No one was here to scam anyone. You think MikeG would’ve allowed myself and Sam the open door treatment to go meet with him in his home in Florida if he was scamming us? Sit down and have dinner with him? Stay at the condo for free?

Scammers don’t let you know where they live, let alone give you access to them like that. In my culture and I’m of proud Haitian descent, born in Miami Beach. We don’t let just anyone in our house. First off it’s not a house it’s our home. If we invite you or if someone invites you it’s a sign of love and respect and we take that with deep Honor. All of my fellow Caribbean Family knows this. It’s a different vibe culturally speaking.

MikeG has become a personal friend to me. No butt kissing, no schmoozing, I look at his age, his health, and how much this deal has taken stress on him. I think of my own parents and I have the utmost respect for my elders. It’s just how I was raised, my background and upbringing won’t allow me to do anything else. I love my parents and how I was raised too much.

Mike has never stopped fighting for us in this deal, its one of the most important things to him. This deal is his lifelong legacy.  Mike doesn’t deserve this, he deserves our prayers. The bashing and hatred isn’t warranted nor helpful. People that once called him friends publicly threw him under the bus and I’m sorry i personally won’t stand for it. Mike is my friend and I won’t allow him to be bashed the way that he has been. Mike I’m truly sorry for what you’ve been going through.

When good people do nothing, Evil Wins -
Bob Marley


And this email from Dennis G.
Hi Mike,

Victor and I have been friends and co-workers for many years.  He and I have shared many adventures together... Successful and some Not so Successful.  We see things in a DIFFERENT LIGHT.... having been through similar situations "we know the processes and steps" involved.

After reading and listening to "Sam Anderson's" chats about you, I am SHOCKED. Sam is building a "motive", where Sam is gonna be with his Groups a - "REFUGE" and to "Trust Sam" for making this "awareness to his Group".  And Sam's Group is "Drinking the Kool-Aide" and "negative vibrations" are spewing everywhere.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Again, I am SHOCKED to hear and read the "QUICK FOLLOWING" toward Sam's inadequate opinions

Mike, you are in Our Prayers Brother.  We ALL may be facing an "EVIL PERSON's MOTIVE" (The "Shark") to DESTROY "Our Deal" with FALSE Energy and Words...BUT...God's People with TRUTH "WIN" in the End. IT'S COMING !!!  There is POWER in Prayer !!!

Yours In Success,
Dennis G

Apparently some people do not realize that if you represent something as a fact, in order to avoid civil law suits for liable and or character assassination, they better have the facts to back up their statement.

By the way, there is a very easy work around (you might want to check with a lawyer) simply say this: "In my sole opinion" or "In my opinion only" after each statement / claim.

A brief history

I thought I would share with you a brief history on my relationship with Sam. He on his own and without my permission or knowledge appointed himself the deal spokesperson.  Which by the way I was in fact grateful for. 

Then, a bit later he decided again without permission to sell event T-shirts, at a profit to him, to his group. In my opinion I felt at the time he was desperate for the money and with 14 children to raise I think we can all understand that.

Then later again he did ask me if he could sell his group a high ticket security bracelet, and I told him no. 

I already had plans for a simple yet sophisticated photo id with a QR code which when scanned would provide security people with confirmation of the individual. We actually have for years been publishing and issuing our own QR codes and with a very unique color system you've never seen elsewhere. If curious just see

Needless to say Sam went ahead and began selling those bracelets, again I'm sure out of desperation for cash.

Listen, I hold no grudge against Sam. I realize all too well how fear of the unknown consequences can affect ones better judgement.

Sam has gone through hell and back with the 'hate Mike G fanclub.' There was even a video done just for him calling him terribly vulgar names including the "N" word. Just awful stuff said about him.

So I invited Sam and Jiscard to see my personally and had each of them sign an NDA so I could speak 100% freely with them which I did. During the meeting every question Sam asked was answered, nothing was held back, I shared all that I had been told.

As a matter of fact, I even paid for Sam's flight from Texas to Florida, I wanted to help, and I wanted to treat him to a beautiful stay in my beach front condo.

And just so you know, I forgive Sam for his actions, and hopes he takes this message to heart and not as any kind of an attack on him. I hope we can all cut Sam a little slack, the stress of all this is, I realize, simply unbearable at times.

Consider this, it's crazy...

Finally, just to give you a taste of stress causing incidents consider this: I've actually had people right the WOW company, you know, the 'fast cash, deal claiming they sent me personally checks made out to me and their paperwork. Obviously complete nonsense, no where were instructions ever given to do so, so they were simply trying to discredit me, surprise, surprise.

And how about this one: On two or more occasions someone has gone to an FBI site, filed in a form pretending to be me, and through this pretense using my name gave a confession of crimes. Fortunately the folks at the FBI were smart enough to realize this was nothing more than an internet spoof.

Our deal

I don't know how you feel about me as a person, or even if you care one way or another. So I don't expect everyone to give a hoot about this comment: 

I am going through a very hard emotional time right now as I'm so used to being open and sharing what is going on. But I wanted to let you know I find email letters of encouragement and support very helpful, and I thank everyone who has been thoughtful and cordial towards me. Thank you.

Let me begin with an apology.

I am very very sorry but for now I just simply CANNOT DISCUSS anything, ANYTHING, regarding our deal. And not for any reason, even confidentially, with anyone. I simply am not permitted to.  Frankly this is killing me.

As you know for over three years I have kept you in a steady supply of updates. For the first couple of years I sent them every day, five days a week. It's only been the last, and I'm guessing here so I don't have to look it up, seven months or so that I have dropped back to Wednesdays and Fridays.  And now just Wednesdays which I'm sure you understand.

I have strived in every update to explain things as best as I could and as I was informed of the current circumstances.

I doubt you have ever been involved in any kind of program even remotely like this where the facilitator (that's me) has gone to such extraordinary effort to keep you and everyone fully apprised.

Through all of this time there have been probably close to a 1000 individual updates and representing literally thousands of pages.

And these efforts have been and will continue to be based upon hours and hours of my personal work behind the scenes.

However, since last Wednesday I am absolutely astounded at the amazing assumptions and conclusions and FLAT OUT LIES some people have drawn or said.  Some people are reading things online that are simply not true, and get this, in some cases what they read and often pass on has been modified and edited just to suit the assumption or conclusion of the author.

I'm sure you've heard the old adage "if it is in writing it must be true."  Well guess what? That obviously and isn't always the case. And I'm sure there are those who will say that about even of these words.

In some cases even posted legal documents have had a word or two removed or added, apparently to support the conclusion of the author, who knows?

Even some people are saying things they have absolutely no factual knowledge of.  Yet they say it as a fact. It's insane.

Like I said, all of this is killing me, really. I'm starting to worry the affects of all this stress on my health. I'm actually losing weight (maybe a good thing), but then sleeping only 3-4 hours a night which I don't think is such a good thing.

Also a few people are demanding refunds from me apparently forgetting or choosing to ignore these paragraphs when they made their pledge.  As you can see there was never a refund offered.

Despite no requirement on my part to send anyone a refund I was able to help a few people out, however I am no longer able to do that on my own.  I cannot refund what I don't have.And last I heard the seller's staff is still working on a refund program.

However, I understand from a loan partner she has a backup buyer waiting in the wings as a worst case scenario and I'm told the price will be enough for a nice profit for everyone. Obviously I'm not involved in any of this worst case scenario possibility but I think it's safe to say the legal dust has to settle first.

Here is what every loan partner read a version of before making a loan pledge:

With any invoice I pay I acknowledge and agree:

There is no hard fast deadline, no guarantee of closing and receiving the payback return, and I realize things take time and I have the patience to see this to completion.

There are no refunds or credits for any transaction, and I understand the guarantee* offered.

Anyone you refer in the past, now, or in the future, is under these same terms and if a referral initiates a chargeback you will be held responsible for any costs and fees.

This understanding covers any transactions current, previous, and future, for this same offer.

Your participation will not be accepted without receipt of this agreement.

On a personal note, when your credit card is processed Mike G uses your money for this deal and expenses of managing it, if you cancel or do a chargeback it comes directly out of his pocket. Please don't do that to him.

* Guarantee:
All loans are collateralized two ways:

1) By the seller with an equal value of crypto currencies to cover every dime loaned.
2) Mike G's personal pledge to (in the absolute worst case scenario) pay everyone back their loan amounts out of his other corporate earnings, at 7% annual interest, fully due and payable within three years from any date that we declare our deal as dead as a doorknob.

This is an enforceable agreement. This was presented to every Mike G. loan partner and they additionally specifically agreed to this language digitally online and had to type their name in a section below in agreement with it.

Frankly I'm convinced people just don't remember or don't care how all of this came to be.

Remember how many times I have said it's all about funding the seller's companies while they are for sale?

Again because I cannot discuss details of any nature, I would otherwise show you a financial statement which clearly demonstrates:
  • the date sent
  • the amount sent (to the penny)
  • how it was sent (wire, cashier's check, or crypto currency)
  • and which of the seller's companies it was payable to
All of this of course represents partner loan money I forwarded to the seller's companies.

Please, because of the legal environment, I CAN NOT AND AM NOT ALLOWED to discuss any aspect of our deal.

Remember - I am in this deal also.

And believe me when I tell you, I want closure of all of this, in fact probably more, than you.


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Otherwise, just visit this site on Wednesday's and Friday's after 3:00pm Eastern:

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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