If you must talk to us, contact Ivan Heckscher, a member of my inner circle, exclusively  for members, by emailing him your name, phone number, and question to: <ivan @> (without the spaces). No reply will be given without a name and phone number. 


Special Announcement

A great many THANKS go out to all of my partners who are honoring / respecting my request regarding emails and phone calls. Here is my request again from last Friday...

Please understand when I ask you to not send me any questions, I have a very very good reason for this request.

I hate having to adopt this short term policy as each of my personal loan partners is important and deserves my attention. If you have ever emailed or called me you know this.

But for now I just cannot reply individually to everyone and I simply must be left to do what I must do without interruption.

Today's quotes

My friend, Dwight F., sent through this quote that struck a cord with me, I hope it does with you also.

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."
-- Babe Ruth

And this one from Prana is special to me also:

"The truth set them free. The truth opened their eyes to the power and magic of their soul, the infinite nature of their being. And they began dreaming of a new vision for Earth - a new way of life beyond their wildest dreams."


Despite all the doubts which I will talk about more below in "Personal note" we are all very much involved in this Web 3.0 and how Metaverse is already having a tremendous impact on our world. This Barrons article sent by Maria V. is a real eye opener.

And another email from my friend Mr. T sent me an article about Danny Thomas, with a note "It fits your and our dreams nicely."

Little does, until now, Mr. T realize St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital has an annual operating budget of almost two billion dollars. As you may know St. Jude's is there for families when their child is stricken with cancer ensuring no family receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.  St. Jude's has never asked a family for a dime, and even provides housing for the parents when visiting their stricken child.

Nor did Mr. T know until now that at the very top of my philanthropy list, a list I created when I began down this road of "Our deal" to cover entirely that two billion per year to St. Jude's.

This article brought tears to my eyes, just think about the impact this one single man has had when you read the story at this link.


Personal note

It has occurred to me a lot of partners do not know who I am, so I think it's time I find some at least some way to introduce myself.

At the following link I do not talk about all of the philanthropy things I have done over my many years. The purchase of homes for those in need, for cars for those desperate to get to work, the college education bills footed by me personally for kids desperate to attend a trade school and their folks just not able to qualify for student loan funding. The thousands of smiles I have put on kids faces at Christmas time.

None of that is discussed here at this link I give, and I confess not complete but a good summary of my business achievements.

There is another reason I share all this with you. It's because now there are many who wish to tear me down and have somehow convinced themselves I am someone who I am not, the epitome of evil.

I began all of this dream for each of us as my own personal dream to help so many and thus by example help those help legions of others. And somehow through it all make a lasting impact on humanity for generations to come.

Some people seek to tear me down in spite of these dreams, but I continue on.

It is said when you lose your money all you lose is money. But when you lose your reputation you lose everything.

So not just for me but for you also, I fight the good fight every day to guard 45+ years of good and emerge on the other side of all this somehow somewhat restored.

I will see all of this through. We will put all of this behind us.

Something else...

Last year I completed my latest book entitled, "He Talked To God: Stories Of An Ordinary Man."

All that remains is final edit, a few graphics, which I have just not had time to do yet, and the finding of a publisher in this genre.

I'm positive you've heard of the success of "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and the franchise of many many spawned titles. It seems there is a "Chicken Soup" for everything now.

Keep that thought in mind as after the release of the first book above I will accept articles which will be verified from others for subsequent titles, "So Many Have Talked To God, Real Life Stories" Issue #1.  You get the idea - there will be many issues.

I tell you this because it now seems I will likely need to publish the above books under a pen name, so be it.  Just know, proceeds will go to charities.

If you know a publisher in this genre I welcome a quick introduction via email, thank you.

Our deal

Finally, our deal.  As I have shared with you I am not at liberty to discuss specifics with anyone. But I can tell you this:

I have heard some very big, really big people, have stepped in to this deal.

I am told their goal is not only to solve any and all legal issues the seller may have but also to move as quickly as they can to finally bring "Our deal" to a successful close.

I do not know the anticipated time frame but I think I can say this - It seems our new power brokers are motivated to move very quickly.  As I'm sure you know, this is absolutely in the best interest of everyone.

I'm excited for the future.

However I ask you again not to put our seller on trial on the internet.

We will get past all of this and I thank you for your continued support and understanding.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.


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Otherwise, just visit this site on Wednesday's and Friday's after 3:00pm Eastern:

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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