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Special Announcements

Special Announcement

We are experiencing, needless to say, unique times for the next few days, I'll speak more about it in the "Our deal" section. However know this, if any significant news develops between my Wednesday and Friday updates, I will post it here and title it, "Additional Update."

I DO NOT expect to need to do this, but just in case I do, posting it here will save me from sending out an email to everyone so feel free to check this page between the regularly scheduled updates. Also, no matter what, please no email about things, I do not have time to reply. See the  "Our deal" section.

Today's quotes

Two great quotes I think perfect for these challenging times:

The first from Carmen T.:


And this one, submitted by Neil W., shouts loudly how I personally feel right now, yet I am not afraid of the outcome.

Be prepared

The collateral / refund / ViRSE project

My partner Garry was in touch with our seller mid last week, and was informed his project is still underway but was delayed due to all things pulling our seller in a hundred different directions.

So I wanted to share with you this article from Rudy C. educating us even more on the tremendous potential of tokens / NFTs / you know, Web 3.0, which we are all a big part of.

Our deal

Crazy busy times so I want to jump directly to our deal and first say this...

I am NOT permitted to share with you everything that is going on.

But I do want to caution you, and seriously caution you, about this:

My partner Garry has been in touch with our seller's wife and has learned due to COVID issues his particular legal issue is still a day or two away from resolution, meaning moving to the next step.

I tell you this because the nonsense being talked about by the naysayers is just that - they do not have the facts. They have not spoken to the seller. They know nothing about any plea bargaining, any of that nonsense.

Think about it. They wouldn't even have access to that kind of information unless it was made a public record, which it has not!

So try not to get stressed out by what these people say.

As I have said, I am not permitted to discuss legal specifics. It wouldn't be fair for me to do so for anyone.

So consider this please...

In 1692 in Salem Massachusetts the infamous witch hunt began. In 1693 it all cumulated in 19 people being hung by the neck until dead because they were witches.  And 14 of those 19 were women.

Now imagine this. And I will grant you yes this was more than 400 years ago. However, you know how it all began?

It started because neighbors and acquaintances of the accused informed the authorities of their suspicions. So many so in fact the authorities were forced to accept much of it as truth.

And then a year later, 19 dead people hung by the neck until dead because they were witches! Crazy, wasn't it?

Or how about considering this.

A 50-year-old Pastor loses his wife of 25 years to cancer. He is devastated. So he sells his memory home and moves to an entirely new community where no one knew him. His goal was simply to put to rest his previous life and start new.

He didn't want to walk down the street and have people ask him how he was doing or offer condolences or speak about the tragic loss of his wife. It was simply too much to bear.

In his new community he moved into a large apartment complex where no one knew him and found work sharing his beliefs at a new church.

He soon discovered in his new community and through his church work thee were a great many young people, boys and girls, who had similar tragic losses in their lives and he decided to host grief counseling in his home.  So a few times a month he would invite one or two young people who needed that counseling into his home.

And you know what happened? Neighbors in surrounding apartments became suspicious. Why would a 50-year-old man whom they did not know invite these young boys and girls in small numbers on a regular basis into his home. So they began contacting the authorities with their suspicions and accusations.

Enough of them did this causing the authorities to arrest this Pastor and indict him on pedophile charges among other indecent and lewd activities.

The authorities then began subpoenaing a lot of the church members including prominent members of the church hierarchy to conduct their 'investigation.'

Naturally his arrest was sensational, "LOCAL PASTOR ARRESTED AS A PEDOPHILE."

His reputation was ruined, his bank account drained in an attempt to clear his name.

And he did win.

But you know what?

His vindication did not make the headlines. Such news does not sell newspapers. There was only a brief mention of it buried deep in the papers and then only a paragraph or two.

This story I relate to you is based upon true events that happened right here in the U.S., and things like this play out on a regular basis.

Consider this... Until the last two decades or so when DNA testing became reliable enough to prove guilt or exonerate those convicted was allowed to be used in our court systems, before that hundreds, really hundreds of men, were convicted of heinous crimes and sentenced to death.

However, since DNA testing became reliable, hundreds more were released from custody and the grip of the executioner because this new phenomenon called 'DNA testing' proved their innocence.

Really, as I'm sure you know, this did happen right here in the good Ol' U.S. of A.

Listen: I am NOT anti-government. We live in the greatest country and enjoy more freedoms than any other nation on earth. A country where people risk their lives just to touch the sand of our beaches and make a new home here in the United States. They risk their lives for what we have, which most of us just take for granted.

But yet our systems are not perfect.

I'm convinced 100 years from now practitioners of the future judicial system will look back at these times and shake their heads with sadness.  Just like we look back today at the death of 19 people who were found to be witches. And hundreds executed for crimes they did not commit.

All it takes to set these wheels in motion is enough people making claims and filing complaints for things they know little or even nothing about.

Now I struggle daily with the stress of things that are happening, and of people making themselves experts on topics they know little about.

However, we WILL get past these times, and I thank you for your support.


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We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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