Update 2.22.2023




From my friend and quote master, Robert L., appropriate I think for the sign of our times.

 "A smooth sea never made a
      skilled sailor." ~English proverb~

"Do not judge by appearances;
        a rich heart may be under a
        poor coat." ~Scottish proverb~

And this poem submitted by Holger is something to think about, in fact a lot of things to think about. We do control our own destiny.

“Things That Are Completely Under Your Control”
Inspirational Message: Control the things which are under your control. You can’t change others but can change yourself.

Your Beliefs.
Your attitude.
Your thoughts.
Your perspective.
How honest you are.
Who your friends are.
What books you read.
How often you exercise.
The type of food you eat.
How many risks you take.
How you interpret the situation.
How kind you are to others.
How kind you are to yourself.
How often you say “I love you.”
How often you say “thank you.”
How you express your feelings.
Whether or not you ask for help.
How often you practice gratitude.
How many times you smile today.
The amount of effort you put forth.
How you spend / invest your money.
How much time you spend worrying.
How often you think about your past.
Whether or not you judge other people.
Whether or not you try again after a setback.
How much you appreciate the things you have.


Limited Availablity Reminder

Still going strong but this won't last forever! 

As you know, the "big program", Employee Retention Credit program from the U.S. government, is truly amazing, but as I've also mentioned, there is limited time for availability to help businesses big time, and yourself, in the process.

In all my years of involvement in the network marketing business I have never seen people earn the kind of money they are earning with this program. See the link above to jog your memory on the details. 

What's unique about this opportunity - which also comes as a caution, it is projected this monster deal will only be available about another two years. After that the Federal money (one trillion dollars of it), is expected to be completely dolled out.  People are making absolutely insane commissions on this deal.

So here are several things I present to you to understand and become involved. And sorry, this is only for U.S. residents.


We like to say that Snap Delivers Value. How valuable would it be for one of your local businesses to be able to have an influx of cash? You can help them to do that.

Many businesses are eligible for the Employee Retention Credit (up to $26,000 per employee) if they continued to pay their employees during the pandemic.

Learn the details and how you can assist businesses in applying for this program. Presented by Tony Swantek.
When to join: EVERY THURSDAY 8PM Eastern
Where to join: Click HERE

I'm back

Perhaps you know the past couple of weeks I've been under the weather a bit.

As it turns out I've been dealing with Covid.. but finally I'm back!  My voice is good, my energy is high, and I'm now in a serious "catch up" mode.

You see, I've just been trying to maintain a status quo and keep up with the "must do" list.

Therefore I've gotten behind on three big projects.

The first two appear to be awesome new money making opportunities for all of us, of course as an option, to join.

I have not however reviewed completely these two programs thus they are on my whiteboard to get into soon.

The other big project is our Trilogy community.

I'll be brief here and just let you know I am still waiting for favorable details on
    - The official Monster Program #1
    - The new temporary Monster Program #1

One or the other will happen soon, and those who have joined the Trilogy community at no cost will be the first to hear about it.

This being first could be, as it usually is, an advantage in the marketing world.

So please bear with me while I get caught up and stay tuned for any developments which I may be able to share with you in the near future regarding "Our Deal"


Till next time.

With gratitude,
Mike G.

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