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For God's sake, please stop listening to all the stupid rumors about me. When I have any announcements to make they will come directly from me and then ONLY in these pages!

Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1
It has come to my attention someone or perhaps more are posting fake emails pretending they are coming from me. I want you to rest assured I'm certainly not a bigot, I have never called people ugly vile names, nor have I ever replied to an email making statements or inferences of any kind.
My friends who know me know this is the truth. I can only hope others begin to realize there is no level low enough to which the haters will not stoop.

Special Announcement #2
There are people who want to discredit the Big Program, you know the ERC Funding business. Turns out I was mistaken when I said the Jorns company had invested $500k in special software to aid in the submitting of applications for these government tax grants. I was corrected and told it was over $800k.

Anyone is welcome to attend, member or not yet, any of their weekly conference calls which are listed on the info page:, and also listed on our team resource page.  The resource link also appears at the above link.

Here's a recent testimonial from one of many satisfied clients of Jorns.


Today's quotes

A great quote from my friend Billy, that helped remind me not to live in the past. It's message may be of value to you also.
Peace in the Present

And here's a quote from L.L. about being humble, I think many should heed it's message.

Being Humble


Emails like this are a bright spot in my day (emails may be modified for clarity and brevity).

First a short email from my friend Rick. Rick has no idea how much this meant to me.
Mike you are in a trial right now. It’s how you respond that will define you. Your life of helping others, your good character, spoken about by so many others, is just amazing!!!

God loves you! You are His and He will fight this battle for you! You can’t lose! Satan can’t beat God! Can you think of 3, times in your life , for example, that God answered a prayer, where you needed a need met? Or a situation, you needed Him to step in?

You don’t have to say a word about that guy. He will show through his actions, his words, he is the one who is dishonest, can’t be trusted! What were they?

Mike, what a legacy you have built through day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, of doing the right things!

Go Mike Go!


This next email from my friend Dr. David also says it all very well...

I hope you are doing okay with all this stress upon you. I can’t even fathom the depth of turmoil you deal with daily on so many levels.  However…

Two things. First off, thank you for the ERC business. I am already onboard and spent the day organizing and getting set up.  I spoke to Alex (Tony’s partner) for a good bit today and he’s taken me under his wing, and I plan to explode this opportunity to the max while the gettin’ is good!  It feels good to be active again and taking control of my own destiny.

And I’m part of the first wave of 300 in ICANAutoTradeCrypto once we get past the Ethereum transition to Proof of Stake. Looking forward to that.

So, I just wanted to personally thank you for laying both opportunities in our laps (for those who want to participate).  It couldn’t get any easier than this to make money my friend.  I am gobbling this up as I realize the massive potential of both businesses.

It's wild and I had no idea any of this existed!

Secondly, this is for you.  I don’t know if you know the song “The Middle” by “Jimmy Eat World” but whether you have or not, listen closely to the lyrics in the video and give yourself a boost!  I respect you immensely for taking on this massive task.  I know there aren’t even enough pages for you to write the story!

Anyway, I hope you find this song uplifting (it’s old already…2001) and makes you realize you are just fine as the being that you are and the altruism that you exude.  I am grateful for my affiliation with you not only because success is all around you, but because of your kindness and willingness to give to others less fortunate helping them improve their lives.

Be well, stay strong, keep focused and just keep loving your family.  One day the storm will pass and there will be clear sailing ahead once again.

Warmest regards,

New Program

I'm hearing really terrific things and have watched several real video testimonials from customers of this brand new program.

It is available worldwide!

It pays on three levels on upgrades, 50% on the first, 25% on the second, and 12.5% on the third level.  Which means everyone you refer you make 50% of their really modest upgrade fee. People they refer you make 25% of any sale, and the people they refer you make 12.5% on.

Do the math... That adds up to an amazing 87.5% the company is paying out, which is unheard of!

But because everything is automated, everything 100% digital, the company is very happy with their nearly non-existent operational costs, and therefore they are sharing the wealth very generously.

The program involves a free marketing app which allows it's user to promote any website. I'll show you the video testimonials next week, you've got to see this to believe it.

Anyways, I'm telling you a little bit about it now because... As has always been my promise I will announce any new money making opportunity first to all of my wonderful Group Leaders and sponsors who asked to be notified first, so they may obtain their link and get it out to everyone they have referred before I make the signup link available to all - which I will do next Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Therefore, Group Leaders and sponsors watch for a brief letter from me TODAY. Because of my schedule it could be later today but it will be sent today. And when you obtain your marketing link you are encouraged to send it to all your referrals and ask them to visit the 'info' page link which will be in the email I send you later today.

Mike G.

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